Scorpio In Astrology

Scorpio in Astrology Scorpio in astrology represents death. It is no surprise that Scorpio also falls under the time of the year, Fall. As the sun moves further and further away from earth, the Suns life giving properties are removed. More and more as each day passes, the Suns influence diminishes. Scorpio’s astrology is the […]

The Sun in Leo

☀️ The Sun in Leo ♌ July 23rd – Aug 22nd Leo Astrology The sun moves into fiery and powerful Leo today. Leo, the lion or linoness, is the appropriate astrological sign and animal for this time frame. As the sun has been moving all year long from winter, it has been building up it’s […]

Gemini Astrology

Gemini Astrology Gemini Astrology ☀️ Gemini ♊ May 21 – June 20 Chakra: Throat Characteristic: 🗣️Communication Element: 🌬️Air Planet: Mercury Symbol: ♊ Tarot: VI The Lovers The Sun is now in excitingly, changeable, and airy Gemini. As we move through the astrologically, celestial clock in the heavens, we find ourselves leaving stubborn yet practical and […]

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