Gemini Astrology

Gemini Astrology

gemini may 21 june 20 scaled
gemini may 21 june 20 scaled

☀️ Gemini ♊ May 21 - June 20

Chakra: Throat

Characteristic: 🗣️Communication

Element: 🌬️Air

Planet: Mercury

Symbol: ♊

Tarot: VI The Lovers

The Sun is now in excitingly, changeable, and airy Gemini.

As we move through the astrologically, celestial clock in the heavens, we find ourselves leaving stubborn yet practical and down-to-earth Taurus (the Bull of Heaven ♉🐂).

Just as seeds are sewn into the rich and fertile earth (Taurus) the changing of the seasons brings about the rushing winds (caused by the change in weather and atmospheric pressure).

Gemini is that very changeable and dynamic energy.

Gemini’s are known for their quick thinking, response, and witty sense of humor.

Known as the jokesters (or Jokey Smurf) of the Zodiac, Gemini’s can be quite mischievous and get in lots of trouble if they are not kept entertained mentally.

Gemini also rules the hands, nervous and autoimmune system.

And that’s no surprise being that Gemini is the sign of communication and messages.

Hands are used to welcome and greet but also harm and hurt.

Your brain and body are constantly sending messages throughout your system (both good and bad) using the immune system.

A happy Gemini is a mentally sane and healthy Gemini.

When they are fully at the height of their communicative energetic level, they are the happiest buzzing around, being chatty, and coming up with the most off-the-wall things to say!

Goal: This is the perfect time to work on your mind, strengthen your immune system, and communicating your thoughts and goals to yourself and others (but not in a negative fashion or setting.)

Meditate on the throat chakra! Clear the lower chakras to allow the Ra / Kundalini energy to rise, touch and charge!

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Gemini Astrology

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