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To uplift, elevate, and help ascend every man, woman, and child to the next level of spiritual evolution.

Help Us Rebuild the Ancient Kemetic-Egyptian and Atlantean Mystery School Systems of Thought.



2 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Good Morning Ra Ea, im happy to be here. I’m also happy that you know that the kmetic peoples came from Atlantis. I have a Guru who mentions it in one if his books. Can’t do a specific quote but the priests of Atlantis hurriedly escaped to Africa carrying with them the Bible and intermarried with the people that were already living there to form alliances. Also that in their hurry sections of the Bible were lost. **have a great day Ra

    1. Emhotep. Welcome to our Community. I hope you will find much information and knowledge here.

      I did not infer that the people of Kemet came from Atlantis. There is nothing that I have come across that states anything like that. However, a migration of peoples has always been evident all throughout time. According to the Emerald Tablets, the people of Kemet were already living there. When Atlantis fell, the Atlantean Priest and Priestesses (Suns and Daughters) made their way to Kemet as ordained by the plan instilled by the Dweller. There, they taught the people of Kemet many things including magick (or the sciences, probably alchemy). As far as the bible goes, I am sure the modern day version of the bible was inspired by the teachings of the Emerald Tablets. However, the teachings in this mystic tome are more for the High Priests and Priestesses. The High Kings and High Queens if you will. It is a tome of rule, law and governance. Whereas the modern day bible is something else.

      Ra~Hoor (Tut sa Auset Amen)|

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