Scorpio In Astrology

Scorpio in Astrology

scorpio astrology

Scorpio in astrology represents death.

It is no surprise that Scorpio also falls under the time of the year, Fall.

As the sun moves further and further away from earth, the Suns life giving properties are removed.

More and more as each day passes, the Suns influence diminishes.

Scorpio’s astrology is the beginning of the descent into the underworld (The Halls of Amenti).

We can see the results of the dying Sun and its light all around in the world of nature all around us.

Leaves begin to turn, wither and fall away from the tree.

But as the leaves leave the great tree, they also become reunited with the earth and the tree itself.

The ☀️ Sun is now in Scorpio♏

A time of life unto death.

October 23rd – September 22nd

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Astrology: Descent Into the Underworld.

Scorpio astrology symbolizes the process of life that is ever changing, evolving and moving.

In astrology, Scorpio represents the delicate dance between Life and Death.

And Rebirth is their child.

These three are Divine characteristics expressed in trine.

Scorpio is the symbolic representation of the transformation from life into death.

Although Scorpio is a water sign, influenced by its emotions, it is actually ruled by Mars (a fire sign).

The emotional side of Scorpio gives them the ability to develop highly psychic and intuitive abilies.

However, Scorpios also have a fiery side ruled by Mars.


Planetary Ruler

Mars God of War

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According to the ancients, Scorpios planetary ruler is Mars.

In modern times it was changed to the planet Pluto.

Pluto is linked to the underworld and the cycles of life, death and rebirth.

However, we must place our mindset with that which was created originally.

This gives us a more cohesive framework and understanding of how these systems were actually used.

Mars is the god of war and aggression.

While the body and heart of a scorpio may be emotional like water, the Scorpion mind is acute and focused on strategy.

Like its Martian brother Aries. (both ruled by Mars)

The combination of the emotionally-sensitive and psychic Scorpio with a Martian mind can cause scorpios to be highly intense people.

Dare I say, extreme.


Power of Meditation

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For a balanced life, Scorpions need to learn to meditate.

Their highly emotional-spiritual side must be balanced.

If not, they can become enraged at the travesties of life brought upon them.

They will also redirect that energy into the very travesties around them.

Inciting a great battle of morality (me versus them) issues.

The Martian side must be subdued (like the Ego)!



Cycles of Incarnation

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In the ancient days, the idea of being “reborn” was just that.

Practitioners of the old ways would embark on a road of spiritual transformation.

Transforming the Current Self into the Next Self (or next level).

Death was the great door to becoming that next Self.

Symbolically speaking, this would be death of the current you.

  • The current you would become the past self.
  • The new you would become the current self.

Death was the key.


Cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth

The closer to death (and the underworld) you got, the more you are transformed by the touch of the dead and the spiritual world.

Much experiences have changed a person who has experienced or witnessed death.

It is a life changing experience.


Ancient Kemetic-Egypt, had once, mastered this process.

Why else did all of the world come to Ancient Egypt?

  • Scholars came to wonder.
  • Poets came to bloom.
  • Mathmaticians came to learn.

There was something going on in Ancient Khem that has been lost in time to the masses.

However, many spiritual societies believe that information (energy) never dies.

It is just hidden. Until revealed.



Ancient Kemetic-Egypt left us with the symbols and the momuments which are keys.

Keys to unlocking that part of the mind (higher self) that allows learning (and knowing).

  • The ability to know something you couldnt have known.
  • The ability to unlock the higher powers of ones Higher Self.


Everything in Kemet is a key.

Some, more obvious than others.

The trick is to fall in love with Kemet.

Fall in love with what Kemet was.

Fall in love with the Ntjr and Neter.

Fall in love with the past and history.

Then future will open to you.

Scorpio In Astrology

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