Ancient Kemetic Egyptian Reincarnation

Cycles of Life, Death & Rebirth!

Ancient Kemetic Egyptian Reincarnation. Cycles of Life, Death & Rebirth!

Life, Death, and Rebirth: What Are The Cycles of Ancient Egyptian Reincarnation?

In this video, we’ll be discussing

1) The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Aset
2) The Secret Roots of Reincarnation
3) The Epic Wars of Ancient Egypt

For years, I didn’t believe in reincarnation.

I always thought it was some inside job that certain religious organizations used in order to control people.

Until I realized, it was based on the origins of Ancient Kemetic Egyptian Spirituality.

Then I began to take a close look into it.

Through reading various books and coming across very old ancient information, I gradually started to see the possibility of it.

Actually, it made a lot of sense coming from the perspective of the Ancient Egyptians.

You see, the ancient Egyptians studied and practiced Ancestral worship since the beginning of their lives here on earth.

The very basis of their spirituality was based on the worship, reverence, and understanding of this life, the afterlife, and the rebirth of that life here on this planet.

When one of their people lived, that person died. That person could be remembered through various rituals and practices.

That person’s life energy could then be remembered or cycled and siphoned back through, from the other world to this world.

That energy could then be read, felt, synthesized, and interpreted.

But not just that, sometimes, the person could be fully remembered.

Reembodied in a body.

The rites, techniques, and long and arduous practices were used for thousands of years.

Once mastered, life became a fluidic cycle.


“I have been given eternity without limit. Behold, I am the of Eternity, to whom have been given everlastingness.”

But before we start, let’s talk a little bit about, The Epic Wars.

The Epic wars were a dark time in the age of the Ancient Kemetic Egyptian Empire.

It was a time when the Brothers and Sisters of Aset, Asaur, and Nephyths, were at war with their Brother Set.

Set was trying to take over the throne of Ancient Egypt.

And he would use everything in his power to do so.

Including, the heinous act of killing his Brother Asar!

Ancient Kemetic Egyptian Reincarnation

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