Ancestral Blood Karma

There is a thing called Karma.

Ancestral Debt Paid Forward is called Blood Karma

But more specifically Blood or Ancestral Karma.

Karma in its simplest form is a law of causality.

Cause and effect.

This happens so that happens.

That happened so this happened.

This happened so that will happen.

This is happening so it will continue to happen… until stopped.

Karma is the universes way of keeping order.

Through Balance.

It is The Law of order and justice.

Ancestral Karma is similar to regular karma but it is even more specific.

Ancestral Karma is the debt or responsibility that befalls a descendants ancestry or bloodline.

Just as the blood holds the mapping, program, and information about you and your own genetic and physical makeup, the blood holds the information including your ancestors as well.

You are the most up to date version of the program.

Their program.

It is essentially, the manifestation of the cause and effects of their lives. Stored within your very blood and cells in your body.

Ever wonder why you have certain automatic responses to everything in life?

Some are environmental influences.

But even the environmental influences were chosen subconsciously by you or your parents or grandparents long before.

All these subtle variances (choices, emotions, decisions, actions, etc) are all ripples of your kin.

Your Family. Your Heritage. Your Ancestors.

Any path we walk has great pain but a relief in it.

Every thought, feeling, and action that follows the need to be, think and feel more, comes with a sort of cause and effect.

This works forwards as well as backward.

In my own psycho-emotional-spiritual pathwork, learning is karmatic.

It ties you to the ancestors and the choices which preceded you.

And also Society.

In each and every one of us is a resolution to a problem that our ancestors faced.

Whether it be, just surviving.

Or maybe you are a great reader and want to teach or write.

Or maybe you want to be a great community leader.

Each and everyone one of us has some tethering to the past.

Some of the things our ancestors did that we may not be proud of.

And that’s fine.

Most spiritual learning and enlightenment comes from seeing life through a painful lense sometimes.

But it doesn’t mean you have to stay or live there.

We are meant to balance and have order in our own lives.

Experiencing something painful does not have to be a negative experience.

How? If you go through the experience knowing there is learning in it, you will go through the experience under a different lens.

You will come out of the other side thinking, feeling or experincing the event differently.

This difference or alternate version of your decision will cause other splinters or paths of karma or causality.

Paths and experiences which will have changed your life instantly.

Ancestral Karma also comes with another kind of cause and effect.

Its called Ancestral Debt.

Ancestral debt is something that we have to pay forward from our family and blood heritage.

It is that great thing that rights the wrong of events in your ancestors time frame.

This ancestral debt is a psycho-emotional-spiritual burden, which a descendent can carry with them.

The goal of ancestral debt is it pay if off or pay it forward.

Our past is colored in many beautiful experiences.

But it is also bloodied with stains that will leave impressions for ages.

The ability to self heal is one main aspect to your great pathwork.

If your ancestors were spreaders of peace and harmony, then you might feel the need to spread this in the world.

And if your ancestors were warlords, well you might have the tendencies of being a very passionate and active people.

If you cant remember who your ancestors were, but you feel a strong feeling or vibration for a particular aspect of life, then maybe that is apart of your ancestral karma and debt.

The past is not colorless.

It is meant to be a vast cauldron or vassel to pull from.

An age of reflection and learning paired with new decisions.

With the aim being a better World to live in.

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Ancestral Blood Karma

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