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Secret Societies

I recently saw this Life magazine in the store the other day. The headline read, “Secret Societies. Their Hidden Pasts. Their Remarkable Present“ I find it amusing how these so-called “secret societies” know nothing of the real schools of mystery founded tens of thousands of years ago. These modern-day secret societies or mystery school systems […]

The Dark Side of Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening occurs when you transcend the ego and realize that everything is connected. It also occurs when you discover the principles of Infinite Intelligence and allow them to guide you. Spiritual awakening is amazing because it leads to inner peace, a positive attitude towards life, and strengthens your connection with Infinite Intelligence. Despite […]

Ancestral Blood Karma

There is a thing called Karma. Ancestral Debt Paid Forward is called Blood Karma But more specifically Blood or Ancestral Karma. Karma in its simplest form is a law of causality. Cause and effect. This happens so that happens. That happened so this happened. This happened so that will happen. This is happening so it […]

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