Soul Alchemy

Alchemy of the Soul

How to transform the base state of the soul or spirit and turn it into something else.

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Two of my very favorite Tarot Cards in the Book of Thoth Tarot are, “The Lovers Card” and “The Art Card”.

The Art Card is also known as “The Judgement Card” in other mainstream decks.

These two cards represent Alchemy. Soul Alchemy to be precise.

Today I want to talk about the energy of Mars and Venus.

Mars and Venus

In ancient Sumer Mars was represented by the Lady or Goddess of the Underworld, Erishkigal.

Erishkigal represented the lower more fiery or passionate energy.

Erishkigal represents the part of us that is a lower base state-defined or influenced by our response to the environment and also our ancestral ties.


Remember, ancestral Pathwork is about attuning and working with our ancestors and past lives.

We are dealing with our own karma in addition to the karma of those who have gone before us.

Ancient Sisters: Erishkigal and Inanna

The partner sign of Erishkigal, and the Underworld, was her sister Inanna (Inanna-Ishtar in Babylon) who was called the Mother or Goddess of Heaven.

In Kemet or Ancient Egypt, it was Aset and her wicked brother Set.

Heaven representing the upper air energy and they which is linked to the understanding of the movement of the stars.


Erishkigal and Inanna represent two dual polarities of energy.

One not better than the other.

But two separate energies that need to be learned and understood.


Once the Pathworker has gone through the lessons of that particular energy, they can then work with its partner energy in order to blend or mix the two together.

When the Pathworker is able to do this, they become adept at working the Tree of Life or the Ladder of Lights towards knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Soul Alchemy: Transformation of the Soul

This is what is known as Soul Alchemy.

Soul Alchemy, or Al-Kimiya in Arabic, is the process of transforming the soul, from one base state to another.

Very similar to the process of the mythical take of Alchemists using Alchemy to transform lead into gold.

Usually through a process of fire.

It is believed fire to be the element used in Alchemy to burn that which is impure.

The purest would be what remains after the fiery process.

Is this process safe: No.

Why? Because as humans, we have gotten used to the process of living in a comfort zone.

A place where we have our usual responses and have conditioned ourselves to response a certain way to the things that occur in our life.

We are used to our day to day activities and they have become comfortable to us.

Soul Alchemy takes you out of your comfort zone and places you in a very new environment.

You are in the process of being reborn again and this means everything that you once were, has to be discarded.

Everything in your life has to be relearned.

And this can be very difficult for more people.

Inherently, this is the reason this information has been seen as dark and given so many ugly and nasty names.

Most who work this path will encourage both mental and emotional challenges.

Not only that, but you will become in tune and more aware of the changes in the environment around you.

From the change of people and their feelings to the flux of the weather and seasons around you.

To the very movement of the planets above.

The process is not to be taken lightly.

But like our ancestors once did, we too can walk the path of nature and the inner wilderness.

Frightened. Scared. And feeling constantly assaulted or attacked by the very path.

As we once lived in the wild and wilderness.

We were vulnerable to nature and all her animals and plant like children.

But as we learned to survive and build families and communities, we learned to take advantage of nature.

To use and manipulate the tools and environment around us.

We learned to live. We learned to best nature and rise above all things.

We then learned to become one with Nature.

And that is the path we are on today.

To learn to be one with Nature, once again.

Both on the outside, and inside.

Happy New Year and may the Light shine on all that you do.

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Soul Alchemy
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