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About Ra

Who is Ra?

ancienttreeoflife rayeason 2020 trans

My name is Ra

Spiritual Names

☥🙏🏽 Emhotep

My name is, Ray Eason.

My legal birth name is Ray Eason.

It is pronounced the same way as the Kemetic-Egyptian Sun God, Ra.

And my last name is, Eason. Pronounced “Ea-Sun or Ea-Son“. 

My last name is pronounced, the very same way as the Ancient Sumerian God of Water, Magick, Wisdom and Knowledge, Ea (Ia or EnKi).

Many people incorrectly assume, Ra is pronounced as “Rah“.

Like the sound of a lion roaring or the sound someone makes when scaring someone.

The Kemetic-Egyptian Sun God’s name has been written as Ra and Re “Ray“.

The Spanish word King is also “Rey“. 

The Study and Origin of Words

Etymology is defined as, “the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meaning have changed throughout history”.

It is very important that we study and know the origin of most things in our world.

Especially the origin of words.

Most of the work we do here at Ancient Tree of Life is very old and ancient.

So it is very important that we have a  logical way of learning and understanding the esoteric while applying it in our secular mundane world.

I share this with you because, it will help you to understand

  1. Who I am
  2. Why We Are Here
  3. What We Are Doing


So let us begin…

In The Beginning

My Kemetic-Egyptian spiritual name is Ra or Ra-Hoor (Ra + Heru or Horus).

It is the same name as the Kemetic-Egyptian Neter (God) of the Sun, Ra.

My mother had no knowledge of Kemetic-Egyptian religion or spirituality. So my name is a mystery wrapped in a riddle.

Much like the Sphinx, HerEmAkhet (Heru of the Horizon or Heru of the Two Lands).

The origins of my last name are just as much a mystery.

I have no known biological or physical connection to Ancient Sumer, that I am aware of.

However, I believe that my names are Keys to my awakening.

Keys that would unlock the doors to the great mysteries I would later encounter in life.


Names & Destiny

It is a well known fact that in many ancient cultures and traditions, including African, names have a very special place.

More than just lables, names define who you are, and more importantly, who you will become.

They are a form of destiny for an individual.

Ancient Kemetic-Meso-Sumerian

My name Ray Eason is symbolized from the Kemetic-Egyptian Sun God Ra and Meso-Sumerian Water God Ea.

Ea is the Lord of Water, Magick and Wisdom and Knowledge.

These two names translate into the mening, “Sun in the House of Water” or “Light and Wisdom“.

My last name Eason breaks down into two words:

Ea + Son (or Sun)

This would indicate that I am the Son or Sun of Ea (Sumerian Ia).

In the Ancient World, the two words Sun and Son were interchangeable in regards to religion and spirituality.

However, they are also very different.

The Son and The Sun

While a boy can be his father and mothers Son (birth natal) he is also the Sun of his parents (the aspiring or rising self).

The Ancient Sumerian God Ea is said to have had many names.

One of those names being “House of Water”.

Ea’s house or domain (dominon) would consist of, the all the bodies of Water around the world.

Ea’s name is also representative of His astrological house, Neptune.

The House of Neptune

Eason would then translate into “Son or Sun of The House of Water”.

Ea’s Son Marduk would then be Ea’s rising Sun or Son.

If you are familiar with Ancient Babylonian or Anunnaki history, then you are familiar with the famous poem called,  “Enuma Elis“.


The Enuma Elis


The Enuma Elis is the story of the rise of Markduk, the champion of the Anunnaki Gods over Tiamat (Ti.Am.Su)

Marduk is the one who conquers or slays Tiamat and becomes the champion of the Anunnaki Gods.

Hence, Marduk is the Rising Sun or Son of Ea.

Ea and Marduk

Together, Mardurk and Ea would become, “Sun in the House of Water” or “Son in the House of Water” (in the House of Ea).

Spiritual Background

My spiritual background is in metaphysics, ancient religions and spirituality.

More specifically, Ancient Kemetic-Egyptian and Mesopotamian-Sumerian.

My specialties are in ancient metaphysical history and the metaphysical sciences.

In addition to Astrology, Numerology, Symbology, Energy Sensing, Clairvoyance, Tarot and the Tree of Life work (Kab-Ba-Alah).

Welcome to Ancient Tree of Life

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about me.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.



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