The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers Tarot

The Lovers Tarot Card

Many people think Tarot The Lovers represents beauty, love, marriage and romance.

But they would be wrong.

Well more accurately, they would be half wrong.

Tarot Lovers card represents so much more than that.

The Tarot Lovers represents more than that which is on the physical surface.

The Lovers Tarot Meaning

An Alchemical Marriage

The Lovers is the alchemical marriage between the spiritual and the physical.

This Tarot Card represents the pairing of masculine, femine and divine.

The card symbolizes an aspect of the divine trinity made manifest.

Or more precisesly, the manifesting of the divine through the trinity.

What Does the Lovers Tarot Card Mean

The Tree of Life

We must remember, that tarot cards are not a means of predicting the future.

But instead are useful in interpreting (and monitoring) the spiritual aspect of life and it’s development.

It is said the tarot is another form or representation of the Tree of Life or Kabbalah.

Kab-Ba-Alah which means, Breath-Spirit-God.

In that case, the Lovers Card then represents the second set of Sephira (Spheres or Orbs) on the tree of life.

The second half of the tree of life symbolizes that which is made manifest (or manifesting) below the first three Sephira on the Tree itself!

The first three Sephira (or spheres) on the Tree represent the immaterial world and universe, while the second set of three Sephira represent the more material or manifesting energies.

But still, not fully manifest.

We must remember, that the Tree of Life represents the process through which the divine exists, and the process of creation (from immaterial to material) is formed, and how creation makes it’s way down the Tree to the material plane and becomes material (fully realized and manifested).

This is where we get the stories of the Serpent and the Tree.

Or more accurately, Adam, Eve and the Tree (of Life).

The serpent represents the Serpent of Wisdom (Kemetic-Egyptian Ra Solor Force and Hindu-Indian Tantric Kundalini) and the apple is non other than the Sephira’s (Spheres or Orbs of knowledge) on the Tree.

If that is the case, then the Tarot Lovers represents the divine marriage between the upper and the lower (As Above, So Below).


Watch Numerology Video

Numerology says that the number 6 represents adjustment.

This adjustment is preceded by the number 5 (change) as it makes it’s way to the number 7 which represents Belief (of the divine).

Understanding of the Adjustment process (#6) must take place inside of oneself after things have Changed on the outside (#5), but before Belief and Understanding of the divine (#7).

We must again remember, that as divine energy works it’s way from purity, at the top most portion of the tree (#0), it must work itself downward towards the material plane (#10), where it finds completion in that which is (or can) be less pure.

The process of moving from 0 to 10 is a complete cycle.

This is what has been commonly referred to as, the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End, the Oroborous (Serpent or Dragon biting or eating its tail).

We can see this in its symbol and number which is 0.

0’s represent completion, while the number 1 represents beginnings.

Ancient Egyptian Sphinx

The ancient Egyptians understood that the lower most portion of the human being, is that of the animal (instincts, urges and feelings in nature).

That which is at the highest part on the Tree is One (united and whole) with the divine.

This is where the word Holy comes from)!

Thoth Tarot Deck

Thoth Tarot Deck
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In the Book of Thoth Tarot Deck, the Lovers Card is shown as a cloaked and hooded entity looming above 6 others:

  • Black Man
  • White Woman
  • Black Boy
  • White Girl

The Lovers Tarot Card Art

Tarot The Lovers
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The colors in the card represent the unknown masculine (black) and the known feminine (white).

Just as the universe (or fertile soil) conceals life in its rich dark blackness, the white iluminates life (liberating it) from the darkness so that it can be seen (seeded) and grown into new life.

The Lovers Tarot Card is very similar in nature to The Art Card in the Book of Thoth as well.

Animal Nature

There are also two animal aspects.

The red Lion (passion or blood) and the white Hawk (known) expressing itself in its animal nature.

Through this miraculous artwork, symbolism and imagery, we can see (and feel) the process through which life itself is created!

Finally, at the very bottom of the Lovers Card we have the egg of creation entwined with the serpent of life and wisdom.

But thats not all!

We also see there is the Healing staff placed in between each figure uniting them together.

Divine Child

As we saw earlier, the top of the tree of life represents the most spiritual and pure. While the bottom represents the material and earthly.

With that being said, it makes sense that the symbol for the divine child is at the very top of this card above the cloaked and hooded figure.

The divine child is holding a bow and arrow (similar to cupid) which is pointing downward.

This represents the pure, divine energy flowing from the spiritual and immaterial world (top), to material and immaterial world of manifestation.

In this direction, the divine energy flows down as it makes it’s way from top to bottom (from above to below).

Sagittarius Reading

If you have been following our blog for any period of time, you will remember that I perform a full meditation and light ritual every month.

For each astrological time frame that we enter, I do a reading.

These monthly readings help me to see where I am spiritually in my development and evolvement.

Its no suprise that I got this card during Sagittarius.

Pulling this card during the astrological time frame of Sagittarius, gives me confirmation that this reading has been blessed, and touched by very the divine energy we are working with.

It is a confirmation of the connection that I have created with the divine for this reading and article!


In conclusion, The Tarot Lovers card is not just about marriage, love and romance.

Those are surface and mundane aspects of material dwelling and living.

The Lovers card is the alchemical process of showing pairing the Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Divine Child manifesting, or coming into our world, from beyond the veil (the spiritual world).

It is the process through which the pure and true love that the immaterial divine has immaterial for wanting to join and unite with the physical material matter in this world.

The Lovers Card represents the marriage between the imaterial divine and the material world of matter.

She is the pairing of the left with the right and the spiritual with the physical.

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The Crowley Tarot: The Handbook to the Cards
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The Lovers Tarot

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