A journey through, time

Over the past 3 – 4 years I’ve had the privilege and honour of working alongside the wonderful Ray Ea receiving beautiful teachings and a deeper understanding not only of Egypto – Babylonian lore in which Ray’s passion and expertise is evident but he has also been extremely helpful in aiding me formulate the current timeline in which our civilisation is built upon, where we have traversed from (past civilisations) and the trajectory of where we as Humanity may find ourselves based on the cyclic Nature of Mankind and the perverse use of political & religious dogmas.

Thanks to Ray not only have I acquired mind expanding knowledge of self, a deeper sense of belonging in this here (it) as in this marvelous incomprehensible work of many components that just simply (is).

But most importantly I gained a sound mind and friend in Ray who will not “act” and nod his head in agreeance with distortions, delusions and misconceptions surrounding that which he has studied, applied, taught and freely gifts.

I would highly recommend to any genuine seekers and those that “coincidentally” stumble across this testimony to ask them self. Why have I found myself here?
Is it an accident that I’m reading this? What is the Ancient tree of life??

One conversation is all it takes with this friendly easy to express with man for you to determine for yourself

I give many thanks to Ray without him knowing his aid has been priceless in regards to my journey of self reclamation and discovery
And the lessons learned will travel with me eternally.

“The kingdom of heaven is within you & he who shall know himself shall know the Gods”

A journey through, time

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