Sun in Aquarius Amazing Truth

Sun in Aquarius, marks the first day of Aquarius. Sign of The Water Bearer.

Sun in Aquarius Amazing Truth

Planet: ♅ Uranus (Sumerian Ur-Anu )
Element:  🌬️ Wind
Symbol: 🏺 Jug
Chakra: ❤️ Heart
Color: 🟢 Green
Chacteristics: 🌱 Fertility & Growth

🌞 The Sun is Now in ♒ Aquarius

🏺 The Water Bearer.

Here is your montly horoscope reading for Aquarius 2022.

Meaning of Sun in Aquarius

The Sun moves into Aquarius passing through the celestial starry heavens.

aquarius water bearer

The Water Bearer – Weight of the World

Aquarius is the water bearer.

The one who carries a jug of water in its shoulders.

Water represents emotions, feelings and intuition.

Aquarius would then be the one who carries the weight of the world, and the heavy burden on its shoulders.

People born under the sign of aquarius tend to be those who worry and are concerned about the earth, environment and humanity.

Carrying such a weight or burden on their shoulders, sometimes makes them seem a bit dark and gothic.

But contrary to the external, surface assessment, the Aquarian is much the opposite.

They are filled with love.

A love that cares so deeply that it causes them to wander, wonder and ponder the challenges that we face in life.

You see, the Aquarius is a life and world giver.

They ask the big and dark questions about life, that most are afraid to think of.

It is no wonder that this sign represents the heart.

The Aquarius Sun Mind

However, Aquarius also represents the mind.

While it is an elemental of water, as we have discussed previously, there are certain signs in the zodiac which share hybrid characteristics: Sagittarius, Capricorn and yes… Aquarius.

It is no coincidence that these three signs are located at the very end and beginning of the year.

The great three which represent the transition of the planet, and our spiritual selves.

From the end of the sun’s summer months of death and transformation in winter, to the rebirth of the new solar year and towards spring.


In conclusion, Aquarius represents the fresh waters returning to earth.

Waters that cleanse, heal, renew and to wash away the past.

While bring life giving waters, knowledge and wisdom to its people.

Waters that cleanse, heal, renew and to wash away the past.

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Sun in Aquarius Amazing Truth

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