Spiritual Baptism

A Spiritual Baptism

Temple of Auset
Temple of Auset

Reborn Through Water

Every spiritual or religious system has its practices and traditions.

Our organization is no different.

A baptism can be as simple as sprinkling water over someones head.

To full immersion of the body in water.

On thing to remember is, the intent of the baptism.

But more importantly, the energy and power behind it.

A few years ago, I was meditating and deep in trance.

It was right before the global pandemic.

I received much information from the Ancients during this time.

Much known and much more unknown.

One of the things that I received is written below.

It is the process of a unique and highly energized Spiritual Baptism.

The Spiritual Baptism below was created and fashioned with the Atlantean-Kemetic-Egyptian in mind.

However, it is also available for the Ancient Meso-Sumerian.

This particular Spiritual Baptism was given to me directly from Auset herself.

For her Children, their followers and supporters.


You must be baptized in order to enter Her House (the High Order of the Priest/Priestess Hood.

  • Water is the form of cleansing required.
  • Water must be used to cleanse the body initially.
  • Water must be used to initiate the sacred rite and dedication.

The purpose of the Spiritual Babtism is that the former self must be left behind and the new Self born.

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β˜₯ Emhotep β˜₯

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