Hierophant Card Meaning

What is the Hierophant Card Meaning

heirophant card meaning

Hierophant Card Meaning Bridges Heaven and Earth

The Hierophant card meaning in the tarot depends on a lot of things.

A Hierophant is a bridge between heaven and earth.

He or She is usually a Priest or Priestess who interprets the material and the immaterial.

Hierophant Interprets the Spiritual and Mundane

They divine the spiritual (heavenly) from the non spiritual (earthly).

The Hierphant Card is a person who acts as a mediator.

He or She translates spiritual messages sent to us in life.

They are usually the person reading the cards.

Every tarot card reader reads different way.

So the Hierophant card meaning can vary.

Some tarot readers believe the tarot can predict the future.

However, this is not the true purpose of the tarot.

The tarot illuminates the path of the seeker or the person with a question.

Or someone searching for answers.

Spiritual Path of Hierophant

Tarot cards are not a fortune telling system.

The tarot is used for gaining insight and illumination into things we do not yet know.

It is a system of divining the material from the immaterial.

Or the known from the unknown.

For example, a spiritual seeker advancing on their path.

It is a way for seeing the path they are on.

A reader sometimes seeks out  people to help illumunate their way.

Some of these people are called Oracles.

Oracles are people who work closely with divine energy.

Divine energies are called Neter (Neteru), Gods or Goddesses.

Oracles help deliver messages  they receive from Neter or Gods.

Messages they receive through  meditation, prayer or rituals.

Tarot cards help decipher  information that is received from the divine.

The are messages of colors, symbols, numbers and images.

Reading the cards gives the Oracle feelings and inner prompting or intuition.

Performing a reading on someone, a reader would get feelings via their intuition.

Feelings that are transfered into information.

That information is given to the person who asked for the reading.

Hierophant Card of Heaven and Earth

Ancient Kemetic-Egyptians believed in following the movement of the stars.

The Ancient Kemetic-Egyptians knew the stars very well.

They learned to follow the path in the sky year after year.

Certain stars in alignment, would fortell certain occurences on earth.

Heaven is the place in the sky.

Where the stars are arranged in order.

Here, Heaven is not referring to a place in the clouds.

A Priest, Priestesses or Oracle job was to understand the movement of the stars.

This person can communicate with heavenly bodies and receive information.

Information given to the King, Pharaoh or others in the priest class.

Much like a Shaman.

Shaman’s are people receiving information and sharing their community.

Usually, for the benefit of the everyone.

The Hierophant Bridge

A bridge connects two places together.

These two places are usually separated.

Either by physical or non physical means.

A Heirophant is a gifted able to bridge the spiritual world.

Heirophant’s can see past the limits of the physical world.

And are able to extend themselves into the land of the spirit.

In Conclusion

Heirophant’s can be anyone.

A psychic, clairvoyant, an empath or a spiritualist.

It’s someone dedicated to understanding and expanding their abilities.

Usually, for the sake of others but also for themselves.

For more, check out my previous article on The Heirophant Card.

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Hierophant Card Meaning

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