What is COVID19

And Is it Bioterrorism?

What is COVID19 and Is It Bio-terrorism? - Ancient Tree of Life Channel
What is COVID19

What is the Coronavirus?

Covid19, more commonly known as Coronavirus, is a virus infection strain.

When did it start?

The origins of Coronavirus have been linked back to an outbreak in China.

Where did it start?

Coronavirus was first reported to have occurred early this year in January 2020.

Who does it affect?

The Coronavirus seems to affect everyone but in varying degrees.

The results are still inconclusive but it has been reported that young children are infected but do not exhibit the symptoms of older adults.

Of those infected by the virus, adults in their 60-70’s and older seem the most affected by the virus.

While young adults and middle-aged adults are not as negatively affected or impaired.

Is it infectious?

Yes. The virus is infectious. It has been reported that it spreads easily and very fast.

What does it do in the body?

The Coronavirus seems to affect the respiratory system. Causing fever and difficulty in breathing for certain individuals.

How serious is it?

This depends on whom you ask.

The medical information is still inconclusive.

As the virus spreads more and more and infects more individuals, more data and research is being compiled.

Is it really this serious?

Once again, this depends on whom you ask.

It is reported that 1% of those infected by the Coronavirus, who are hospitalized, have the worse case of recovery from the virus.

Usually resulting in death.

However, it is inconclusive if the Coronavirus is the sole reason for fatality.

Preexisting health issues, or other contributing factors, are not fully being eliminated as causes for fatal illness.

It is my belief that the reason children and young adults are not affected as severely is due to the possibility of stronger, healthier immune systems.

Was it man-made?

This is an interesting question.

I was reading an article the other that that ended with a huge headline, that the virus was not man-made.

That it developed in an animal and jumped to a human.

Was this an attack?

Another interesting question. With so much going on in the world politically, some are asking the hard question.

Was this virus created and was it deliberately set loose.

If so, why?

Is it Bioterrorism?

Terrorism has been on the rise for years.

Due to global and political interaction, Biowarfare or Bio-terrorism has been the elephant in the room for some time now.

Was this bio-terrorism?

No one surely knows.

But if we are to discern the truth behind this question, we have only to turn to recent events in the world and the news.

With the killing of a prominent terrorist leader, just a few months ago, there are no shortage of reasons for an attack.

Additionally, with the recent trade tariffs imposed on imports from China, we have quite a mulligan stew of reasons why this could have been a political backlash from those affected by trade.

Are you protected?

If this is terrorism, the. Being afraid is what the terrorists want.

Being informed, educated and strong is the antithesis of fear.

When coupled with compassion for others, fear and terrorism do not prevail.

Is there protection?

Currently, there is no known cure for the Coronavirus.

Medical professionals are trying to gather as much information and data as they can in order to produce a remedy and antivirus solution.

What can you do?

To help protect yourself from infection, I personally recommend boosting your immune system.

The Coronavirus attacked the respiratory system.

Such as most infections or viruses, a healthy Immune system helps combat and maintain a healthy body.

Due to modern-day living and more importantly eating choices, some no longer have the ability to combat external threats, viruses, and diseases.

Maybe we never had complete protection.

But that does not mean that we can not supplement and combat this viral intruder.

Healers, herbalist, and botanists have known for centuries powerful cures and remedies that reside right in nature.

In fact, most medicines are made directly from botanical-based agents from those such as plants and herbs.

It is my firm belief that all answers to health-related problems can be found hidden in nature.

They only have to be sought out and discovered.

What can we do?

We have entered a new and terrifying era of life.

But it doesn’t have to be. Knowledge, wisdom, compassion and forward-thinking are tools.

We must not allow fear, panic, and anxiety to take over our lives.

Instead, we must replace fear with courage.

Replace panic with action.

Use anxiety as a catalyst for moving forward and discovery.

Humanity teeters on the edge of dissolution.

We are at the very brink of existence.

We can not continue to move forward with the same thinking, way of life and rituals of survival that we have been taught.

We no longer can be comfortable with the old, stale, decadent and antiquated rules of thought handed down to us from parents, grandparents, school and government.

It is time for a new way of life.

That new way of life is already here.

Regardless of your participation.

It has been here for a very long time.

We are now just seeing the manifestation of those subtle effects of causality.

It is time to take a brave and bold new stand.

It is time to stand up and become the next iteration.

It is time to be reborn and begin anew.

It is time to Become whom you have always mew t to be.

Conclusion: My thoughts.

In inclusion, at the beginning of the year, I said 2020 would be different.

I said 2020 would be rough.

I said 2020 would have challenges.

When the right shoulder of Orion began to flicker brightly in the sky… I knew.

As the new year made its way into our lives… I knew.

And as surely as I knew then, I know now what I must do.

I must do have I have been doing.

I must continue the great work that I have dedicated myself to.

I dedicate myself to the God’s and the Way of our Ancestors.

I dedicate myself to building a better people and a better world.

I dedicate myself to you.

In Love, Harmony, and Peace

What is COVID19

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