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America IS Ground Zero!

Over the past few days, we have witnessed great atrocities.

Heinous acts of violence, discrimination…

And essentially the beginning of War.

War against humanities.

War against civil liberties.

War against the freedom of Being.

There have been several newsworthy incidents against the Black communities of this nation.

Against America.

And it has to STOP!

But before you starting thinking, “…well I’m not Black”.

That doesn’t matter.

It’s Not About Being Black

The true crime against Blacks is not about being Black.

It’s about being Free.

It’s about being an individual.

It’s about the idea of a Utopia.

You see, these attacks, on the surface, are not just about skin color or racial ethnicity.

It’s about the freedom to Think.

It’s about the freedom to Feel and Love.

It’s about the freedom to Express your Individuality.

That is the real attack and war.

Don’t believe me?

Look at any other group of individuals, outside of your own.

Look at other people who have suffered the discrimination of indifference.

Not just in America.

But all across the world.

Not just in the Present.

But in past times.

Not just in the physical world.

But also in the Spiritual world.

This is an attack and a War at Home.

War of the Heart

This is not just an attack and War over the Mind.

But this is an assault on the Heart.

This is an attack on the Hearts Divine Right to express itself in the material world without discrimination, injustice, or assault.

A Spiritual War

This isn’t just any type of war.

This is a war on the Spirit.

So yes, while the recent attacks have been against the Black African American communities of this country, and other countries and communities, it is also an act of aggression against us All.

War Against Utopia

This is a war against our Utopia.

What is Utopia you ask?

Utopia is our IDEA of how we wanted life to be.

Utopia is our IDEA of what we want to live our lives.

Utopia is the REASON we descended from the Heavens and the Astral realm.

Utopia is the REASON we came to this realm.

Full of Joy.

Full of Hope.

Full of Love.

Full of Unity.

Full of a United effort to help bring Heaven down to Earth.

We Live In Interesting Times

We are living in a pivotal point in our History.

A crucial point of evolution or de-evolution.

Either We stand United or We fall Divided.

When one of Us falls, We all Fall.

When one of Us Rises, We all Rise.

The idea of Utopia is We, the People standing United.

It is the idea that United, We Stand Together.

People of all civilized and heartfelt nations, around the World, must stand together and United.

To help usher in the idea of Utopia.

Utopia Must Be Born

Utopia needs to be more than just an idea.

She must become a manifest reality.

Only through the act of the Heart can Utopia be born.

Only through the Mind’s eye, can Utopia be seen.

Only through our actions can Utopia be defended and protected.

Only through our dedication and passion, can Utopia live forever.

A Political War

This war is not just about Politics.

But it is Political.

Politics is the kindling of the fire.

This War is not just about Race or Color.

But Ethnicity is what binds us.

This War is not just about Culture.

But Individuality is our Divine Birthright.

This War is about Peace.

This War is about You.

This War is about Us.

Utopia The Flower of Life

Helps Us Stand United

United Together People In America


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