Transcendental Versioning

Transcendental versioning, as I received, is the explanation of the laws of the sun and its light.

— FEBRUARY 27, 2018 BY Heru sa Aset / Horus Sun/Son of Isis (RA ♀️ EA)

The suns energy is both female and male.

It is round in origin, female

But exerts energy forward, masculine.

This is the base concept of mut + amun (water around fire).

The lights physical sun generates energy and it is then forced out in directions.

For the sake of this thesis, we will direct towards the exertion upon earth and its planets.

All starts in Pisces.

The land of the spirit.

Where all things exist on a fluidic, continuing, never ending end.

It is the pool or the ocean of our reality based existence.

That energy feels the need to exert itself.

Or there was an energy that forced itself and then motion started.

This pool of being caught in its inertial movement.

In Aries, that energy is brought to life.

The sun’s energy aligns itself in such a way that it pushes itself into Mars.

Mars is a physical, masculine, energy but once again, the planet is round. Symbolic of female.

So once again, we have Feminine energy wrapped around a inertial core.

The suns energy in addition to the martian energy creates a force of its own which is exerted upon the earth.

That energy causes light within and without the earth to grow.

To push up (masculine) from the earth (feminine).

This principal of feminne and masculine is inherent in most aspects of reality.

The Energy is originally Light based (light, light sound, physical light)

It is then pushed forward, transmutation begins, until it hits an something, say, a planet or person, and the transdecental energy has completed.

Not really completed.

It has completed for the non adept who believes that all ends with him.

The truth is, that the energy does not stop with this end conclusion.

The light continues to permeate, transform and transmute while touching other elements.

Therefore giving life it’s cornucopia of sea, animal, earth and people.

I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more.

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Transcendental Versioning

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