The Tarot Aeon Card

Rebirth of the Divine Pharaoh

My Ancient Tree of Life Reading

The Aeon Card represents The End and the Beginning.

It is the rebirth of the Old to make way for the new.

Last week I began asking myself, how could serve people more.

I wanted to know how I could help people realize their potential.

I wanted to find the deeper meaning behind my personal Pathwork and how I could help others learn as well.

So my quest for knowledge and insight began.

Returning to My Roots

As I prepared myself for the illumination of my work, I remembered how I originally got started years ago.

After reciting several ancient Atlantean and Kemetic Prayers, I entered that state of consciousness where the Gods dwell.

I poured the water into the cup and asked the ancestors to hear my words.

After climbing the stary ladder, I asked Aset for her Love and Guidance.

I asked Aset to reveal to me the secrets of moving forward.

After my prayers and words, I used the 22 Major Arcana.

Shuffling the cards 3 times

Cutting the cards into 3 decks

Anointing my hands, mind, and mouth with the water, I laid out one single card.

The Aeon Card – Heru The Elder & Heru The Babe

The Aeon Card shows Heru/Horus the Elder and Heru the Babe or HerWer and Heru Sa Aset respectively.

This card represents Heru The Elder (HerWer) in his ancient elderly state.

As the ages progress, the young becomes the Old and the Old is Reborn.

Heru the Babe (Heru Sa Aset or Horus, Son/Sun of Aset/Isis) is the newly reborn form of Heru The Elder (HerWer).

Tarot Cards and the Kaballah

The Kaballah or Ancient Tree of Life is an ancient divination system!

When paired with the Tarot, it can be a very powerful magickal tool.

A great way to expand your metaphysical work is by using the Tarot Card system.

The Tarot is an ancient practice with unknown origins.

But some have called it the Book of Thoth or Tehuti/Djheuty.

The Tarot system is comprised of two sets of cards.

22 Major Arcana Cards and 56 Minor Arcana.

There are a total of 78 cards in a complete deck.

What’s the difference between the Major and Minor Arcana?

Major Arcana Cards represent major issues, changes, and events in life.

While the Minor Arcana represent the lesser and lower events.

Essentially the Minor Arcana represent the more mundane and everyday aspects of life.

There are many different ways to read the Tarot.

But the most ancient and effective way is by using the Major Arcana along with the Ancient Tree of Life or Kaballah.

The Tarot and Ancient Tree of Life

What does the Tarot have to do with the Tree of Life?

The Tarot has everything to do with the Ancient Tree of Life, of the Kaballah.

For example, did you know there are 22 Paths on the Ancient Tree of Life?

There are 10 Sephiras + 22 Paths (32) on the Ancient Tree of Life or Kaballah.

The number of Paths on the Tree is the same as the number of Major Arcana in the Tarot.


Not exactly.

The Tarot Card System was designed to be used with your Great Work or Path Work.

Each card represents either a Sephira on the Tree or a Path to each of the 10 Sephira.

Each Sphere or Sephira on the Tree has a meaning or lesson behind it.

Each Path, on the Tree, also has a meaning or lesson associated with it.

By using the Tarot and the Ancient Tree of Life, the PathWorker is able to delve deeper into the mysteries of life.

The Ancient Tree of Life Pathwork is a meticulous process of internal self-discovery and illumination.

By working the Tree with the Tarot, you begin to learn more about Yourself and the World around you.

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The Tarot Aeon Card

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