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The Hierophant Card

V Hierophant Card
Moon: Taurus

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus for the past 30-45 days.

With the dawning of a new year, new information has rained down upon me.

This is the true meaning of Aquarius.

With all-new beginnings, there are endings.

With all-new Birth of Life, there is also the Death of Self (one’s older self).

This new year, new life and new birth have caused me to rethink, requestion and essentially doubt everything that I have become accustomed to.

This is the most terrifying thing a person of belief can go through.

But this, in and of itself, is a gift and a blessing!

Like a child who knows nothing and gains knowledge of the world.

Like an adult who learns and then must forget and relearn what they have learned in life.

Like a man or woman who lives life and then is faced with the great unknown of death at the end of their life.

Knowing, not knowing, learning and relearning are valuable gifts.

It teaches us to be flexible in life.

Such as a river that bends and contorts around and through rock and earth.

Just as the Serpent or Snake bends and contorts around the tree of life.

Wisdom, like Love is not a straight path.

Tarot Card Meditation 2/3/2020

Using Meditations and the Tarot Cards are great ways to confirm, lead or guide.

This is a standard and typical practice

This is why real Energy Work or “Magick” is in the confirmation of created, sustained, or manipulated energy.

And by Magick, I mean “Manipulating one’s own energy, and will, in order to produce a needed effect.”

True magick is not about conjuring or casting energy outwardly.

True magick is about forming, crafting and molding one’s own energy and will together with emotion, in order to guide one’s dreams and desires into manifestation.

Today the Moon (Blue Goddess) enters Taurus (The Bull).

As seen below, it confirms our unity with the flow of life.

As Above, So Below.

Tarot Meditation

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