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Tarot Card Spreads

Tarot Card Spread

A tarot card spread can come in many different shapes and sizes.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the various types of tarot card spreads listed below.

One Card Reading

The Present

A one card spread is the basic and most simplest kind of tarot card reading.

The one card spread is one of my favorites.

A one card spread is perfect for confirming things you are working on.

This particular kind of spread has one purpose.

To reveal the purpose or intent behind a question you may have.

The one card spread is similar to asking a YES or NO question (but without the yes or no).

A skilled tarot card reader can read the answer or the implication behind this one card.

A one card spread can deal with the Past, Present and Future all tied together.

The One Card Spread is the secret to One or Wholeness.

Because everything in the universe is tied together under the One.

One card readings are perfect for:

  • Confirmations
  • Prayer or Ritual work

Three Card Reading

Past, Present and Future

A three card spread takes your reading to the next level.

If the One Card Spread is a combination of past, present and future, then the tree card spread would be just that!

This particular spreads purpose is to break down or disect the One into Three (there’s that magick number again).

Where a One Card Spread combines everything into One, the Three Card Spread breaks it down.

The Three card spread can give insight into events of the past, the present and the future.

Each card takes the quearants question into consideration and focuses just on the past, present of the plausible future.

The Future Card

Now lets get somethnig straight!

The future is not written in stone. However, there are somethings which are just meant to happen.

For instance, a persons nature will call them to make the same descisions and choices, time and time again.

This “Nature” causes similar events to occur and reoccur. Over and over again.

The future card is the embodiment of future activities, choices and decisions being based on the querents “nature”.

Real power of the tarot is learning to become aware of yourself, your nature and your actions (know thyself).

Once we are aware of our nature, we then become aware of the ties that bind us.

Only then can we break free of those bonds of bondage that shackle us (The Devil Card)

Ten Card Reading

Ten Card Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is more of an advanced tarot card reading.

At the name entails, this particular reading uses Ten (10) cards.

The Celtic Cross tarot card reading is meant to give the querent a more involved read.

A Celtic Cross reading includes the One Card Spread and the Three Card Spread.

But that’s now all!

There are seven more cards introduced into this reading (there’s the number 7).

These seven other cards deal with other elements and forces surrounding the querent and their life.

While the One Card Spread simply deals with the present.

And the Three Card Spread expands to past, present and future.

The Ten Card Celtic Cross deals with the following:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future
  • Helps & Hindrances
  • Recent Events
  • Near Future
  • Fears & Challenges
  • Environmental Factors
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Final Outcome

As you can see, the Ten Card Celtic Cross tarot card reading spread, goes a little deeper.

The purpose of the ten card celtic cross, is to make the reader more aware.

The Celtic cross is meant to force the reader to look at the bigger whole picture.

This is where true realization and gnosis (knowledge) is acquired and found.

Once the reader knows about the other elements in their lives, they are able to take action.

Or continue blindly along the their innate, natural routine.


In conclusion, there are many different tarot card reading spreads.

The One Card Spread is simple but powerful.

The Three Card Spread is meant to focus on past, present and future events of the One Card Spread.

And the Ten Card Celtic Cross Spread is meant to expand on both the One Card and Three Card Spreads.

By adding seven more tarot cards, the reader is able to get a birds eye view of the situation.

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