Pisces Horoscope Traits Compatibility Reveal Amazing Secret

Pisces Horoscope

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Pisces horoscope starts today as the Sun moves from windy and mental Aquarius, into watery and emotional Pisces, the Fish.

Today the Sun moves from windy and mental Aquarius, into watery and emotional Pisces, the Fish.

Pisces dates are February 19th to March 18th.

The Pisces horocsope symbol is the Fish and has been called the door to the Spiritual World.

That’s because Pisces horoscope represents the soft, subtle time that sparks your intuition.

Your intuition can be pretty powerful at times. 

Especially when your intuition is intune with the natural order of life.

In the same way fish live in bodies of water, and are carried by its currents, Pisces is a time of connecting with life’s energy currents.

Pisces Horoscope Means Going With The Flow

Many times, we feel the need to embark on our own, and do what we want, despite what our intuition tells us.

Pieces is about succumbing to the emotional vulnerability of life, and going with the flow. 

Like being a fish in the oceans of the world.

We must learn to go with the flow sometimes.

Remember, magick follows the path of least resistance and so does your intuition.

If Aquarius is the Water Bearer, then it is bearing the waters that Pisces lives in.

This trust is the water current that Pisces lives by.

We must learn to trust the great water bearer and the divine purpose that it is apart of.

Pisces Horoscope Traits

Pieces traits tend to be sensitive, emotional and at times vulnerable because of their emotion.

The Piscean fish does not have the benefit of the protective physical shell of the earth signs. 

Nor do Pisces have the vapid mental agility of the air signs. 

Or the fiery offense of the fire signs.

Piscean fish are preconditioned to think and feel based on the the vibrations of their environment.

However, Pisces who are closer to Aquarius do have more of the airy mental nature.

Just as those closest to Aries tend to have a more fiery and passionate demeanor. 

But those who are born smack in the middle the Pisces time frame, are the crux of what Pisces really stands for.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces compatibility can be flexible. Because, they can go with the flow.

Bust just because you can go with the flow, doesnt mean you will be happy.

Pisces and Gemini

Pisces, like their Gemini counterparts love friendships. 

But most importantly, they have a deep need for their 1+1.

Pisces, like Gemini, are very  much dualistic in nature.

However, the Gemini is much more mental about his 1+1 connections. 

To a Gemini, friends and fun are much more important because they have to be mentally entertained.

Whereas, a Pisces needs that 1 on 1 emotional connection. 

The Pisces fish, needs to feel close, and vulnerable, to someone they love, so they can express their full sensitivity.

Compatibility Chart

On the elemental cross of life, pisces temperament is compatible with the following:

These four signs are what I call, The Elemental Kids or Child of the Zodiac.

Water: Pisces
Air: Gemini
Fire: Sagittarius
Earth: Virgo

Pisces Horoscope Conclusion

In conclusion, the Aquarius Water Bearer brings the fresh and revitalized energies to the world.

Pisces inherits the new found waters which are reenergized with the divine properties of the universe.

Your intutions are heightened as your sensitivity to the world and vulnerability increases.

Try not to put up walls to new things.

New friends, family and experiences may make themselves into your life.

The new year has is just beginning.

Make some space it!

Check ou our Sun in Pisces YouTube video below:

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Pisces Horoscope Traits Compatibility Reveal Amazing Secret

3 thoughts on “Pisces Horoscope Traits Compatibility Reveal Amazing Secret

  1. Emhotep Evelyn. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

    I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

    What did you find the most valuabe about the article?

  2. Here’s the official Pisces Horoscope post.

    Symbol: ♓
    Animal: Fish🐟
    Planet: Neptune ♆
    Elemental: Water 💧

    Horoscopes and astrology are more than just cosmetic, surface characteristic and personality traits of humans.

    They are the celestial clock of our galaxy, world and universe.

    Each astrological sign governs a particular aspect of the engine that drives life forward.

    Pisces is the doorway to the spiritual world.

    It is the era after Aquarius (The Water Bearer) which ushers in the new year and the new waters (renewal of life and self).

    While many focus on the Sun and Ra, the life giving waters play a pivitol role in the renewal and continuation of life.

    Just as the Nile River was once the main source of life, so are the changes of the season and those associated with water.

    Pisces is the Ebb and the Flow of life.

    Very much so like the chinese Yin and Yang.

    It is the beginning and end circling one another and performing the sacred dance of time.

    All things begin and all things end.

    It is the symbol of the Alpha and the Omega. The Ouroborus and the Serpent (or Dragon) eating its tail.

    The begining of the solar year is most important as it begins the renewal and rebirth of the Ra (Rau & Kundalini) solar energy within us and without (outside of us).

    Prepare your vessel for the beginning of the year.


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