Egyptian Goddess Isis

Egyptian Goddess Isis and Horus

Egyptian Goddess Isis

Egyptian Goddess Isis is one of the most important in Egypt.

Ancient Egyptians loved their Gods and Goddesses.

Isis, more commonly known as Aset, was the most beloved of them all.

Aset is the original name of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess which the Greeks called Isis.

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Isis is one of the oldest gods in the Egyptian pantheon.

Isis or Aset, is the wife/sister of the Ancient Egyptian god Osiris (Asar) and mother of Heru (Horus).

In Ancient Egypt, Aset, Asar and Heru became known as, “The Holy Trinity”.

Aset became known as The Great Mother or The Mother of Magic to the Ancient Egyptians

It is Isis who brought Osiris back from the dead.

Together Aset gave birth to the the child Heru (Horus to the Greeks).

Egyptian Goddess Isis (Aset) and Ra

Aset and Ra are as old as Ancient Egypt itself.

However, Aset is much older than Ra.

The legends of Aset go as far back as far as history itself placing her at the very beginning of Ancient Kemetic Egypt.

Ra came much later in the Ancient Kemetic timeline, culture, and history.

Egyptian Goddess Isis & Snake Worship

Egyptian Goddess Isis As Wadjet

Aset and Heru were worshipped long before patriarchal times in the City of Per Dep.

Aset and Heru then became worshipped as the “Serpent” or Snake.

Symbolism of the Serpent and Snake are taken from the age of the Matriarchal (Mother).

Later on, the ancient symbols started being used in Patriarchal (or Father God systems).

Hence we are familiar with serpent or snake worship which most only know about through the work done in India.

The teachings in India are derived from these older Ancient origins.

Vulture and Cobra

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Nekhbet, is the protector of Upper Egypt.

Nekhbet is the Great Mother Vulture and protector of the Upper world (or Upper Kemet). Representative as the Upper World(s).

While Aset is Wadjet protecting the lower realm. Representing lower Kemet.

The teachings of Thoth state “As Above, So Below”.

So we have this Esoteric understanding of, “That which is above, is also below” and “That which is below is also above”.

This is indicative of the logic and Understanding between upper Kemet and lower Kemet and the representation of the Upper Worlds and the Lower worlds.

Both worlds having their own knowledge.

As Above, So Below

Egyptian Goddess Isis and Egyptian Cosmogony

The Upper Worlds being that of the movement of the stars and heavens and (the movement of the cosmic time).

While the lower understanding is that of the physical world and its more mundane cycles.

Cycles which dictate the laws of science, medicine, geology, architecture, and others.

When we look at the dual aspects and archetypes of Ancient Kemet, we learn to understand the knowledge of their in-depth spiritual framework.

We then are able to see how the upper realms affect the lower realms and how they are affecting lower realms.

We then have two worlds reflective of one another.

Sound familiar?

Well, it should.

Ancient Tree of Life

Egyptian Goddess Isis and healing staff

This is the entire premise of the Ancient Kemetic Tree of Life or what some call the “Kabbalah” (KA-BA-ALAH).

Kabbalah knowledge is broken up into 3 parts.

We will only cover 2 here.

The first are, the upper echelon (or first three sephira) and the second are the lower three sephira.

The first sephira representative of being in the duat, beyond the veil of the matter and the material world.

While the other three sephira are reflective of the first three.

There is nothing that is not symbolic of higher learning.

The Ancient Kemetic learning system is systematically built upon the ages of timeless wisdom and higher knowledge.

A mental framework if you will.

Keys to Wisdom

The Serpent is the key to wisdom.

Symbolism are found in the Dragons.

Depiction of Dragons biting their own tail is a symbol of life and the universe working in sync.

Perpetuating death, rebirth, and life.

Matriarchy first, patriarchal second.

All and everything comes from the mother.

She is the source of All creation.

Woman creates.

Man is created from woman.

Even if Man is self-created, he still is created from Woman.

The very act of self-creation is a maternal concept.

Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetle

The Dung Beetle or Scarab is representative of Ancient Egyptian God Kheperi.

Kheperi, known as, “He who created himself and came into Being”.

The Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is the magic of Aset.

The ability to know and to rise up.

The Indian form of the Kundalini.

The Patriarch assigned Ra as the father and the Eye of Ra or the Uraues as the daughter Ra known as Hathor or Sekhmet.

Both of which were Female… Mother… Creator. Matriarch.

Think Like An Egyptian

Once you know how to think like an Ancient Egyptian, you become aware.

You become void of the material world and its man-made illusions and their logic created around you.

You learn to live in the realm of the Gods.

Working within time.

Not outside of it.

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Egyptian Goddess Isis

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