Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 3

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 3

Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 3

How to choose your God or Goddess!

How do you choose your own ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) god and goddess (or son and daughter)?

Some people choose a particular energy to work with over others.


Usually due to personal preference.

Some will adopt to work with a Goddess, like Aset.

While others will choose to work with a God, like Asar.

When working with a Goddess, or divine energy, you are looking to take on the archetype of that particular energy.

For instance, someone may be a mother or father who wants to become more.

They may want to tap into internal personal energies to develop higher aspects of themselves.

A mother may want to be more of a loving mother, to her children and more of a passionate wife to her husband. She may also want to be more active in communal affairs by getting involved in projects or joining cultural organizations.

On the other hand, a father may want to become more of a tender and loving father figure, more of a supportive husband. He may also want to take an active role as a leader (both at home and also out in the world).

There are even, some of us who may or may not have had the best of childhoods.

Whether we have problems with parental units or siblings, it may have left an impression on us.

Working with either Ancient God or Goddess archetype can allow the Pathworker to work through many of the issues, trials or tribulations that they may have experienced or went through (in childhood and as an adult).

The Divine Sun/Son or Daughter

When working with the duality of divinity, we learn that some ancient Gods and Goddesses actually had children.

These are the Suns (Sons) and Daughters of their God’s!

For instance, the divine trinity Aset (Isis), Asar (Osiris) and their Sun/Son Heru (Horus).

If Aset is the strong and powerful Mother of Magick and Goddess of Heaven, then Heru is her powerful and wise Son.

If Asar is the loving great ancestral father, who was murdered by his Evil and wicked brother Set, then Heru is the loving redeemer yet the avenger of his father’s death.

Heru then becomes a syncretized version of both his Mother and Father.

There were other divine trinities in Kemet: Amen, Amunet (then Mut) and Khonsu.

Amen, the Hidden One
Amunet, the original consort of Amen (Female aspect of the Hidden).
Mut, the secondary consort of Amen. Mut is the female (emotional) aspect of Amen. She is also closely linked to the energy of Water.

In conclusion, working with a particular divine energy can be very beneficial.

You are tapping into the higher qualities of a divine archetype and working with is closely and intimately.

To increase your learning and Pathwork, adopting a pair or even a trine of divine aspects can greatly add to your knowledge of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

It will also help you to rise past your current levels of divine energy expression and understanding.

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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 3

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