Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 1

Choosing a Divinity, Divine Aspect or Energy Current to work with is essential.

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Each one of us has a particular skillset or nature.

Each one of the 7 Gateways or Lesser God’s is associated with one of the 7.

When getting started working on your Spiritual Path, picking your Ancient Egyptian God and Goddess or Energy.

Divine Duality

Each Ancient Egyptian God and Goddess, Deity or Energy has its own Female or Masculine energy. Additionally, it has its partner Energy.

Its partner energy is the opposite gender aspect.

For example, if your God is Asar (Male), it’s partner would be Aset (Female).

Divine Trinity

In Ancient Kemet, the idea of the Divine Trinity was first created.

The idea is that all aspects have a trine aspect or Trinity.

A Trinity is a composite of the Make, Female and it’s Sun or Son (or Daughter).

The Trinity is linked to a very ancient system of energy flow or transmutation of energy (more on this later).

Once you have chosen your primary Divine Energy, it’s Partner Energy and it’s Divine Trine, you now have a base 3 (the meaning behind this esoteric number).

You are now ready to begin learning and working with the 4 Elementals.

Next, working with the 4 Elementals: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth.

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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 1

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