Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon 9 13 2019

In Pisces

A Piscean Dream

Full Moon: Pisces

Sun: Virgo

Time: 9a-953a

Door to the Spirit World

Pisces is the doorway to the Spiritual.

It is the mixing, intermingling, and blending of the two worlds.

Those who are born under the sign of Pisces tend to be very sensitive people who have great Emotional Wells inside if them. Symbolic of the ocean they live in.

Pisces is a water sign so this makes sense.

I equated the two fish as moving back and forth towards and away from one another.

Not swimming in one direction in unison.

But in a way that shows them being away from one another, swimming towards the other fish and then swimming past that fish.

This is akin to the saying, “two ships passing in the night”.

I’m sure Pisces usually feel as if they want, very much, but are always missing the mark.

Next, I saw the fish swimming up and around.

In a complete circular motion.

This made me see how life is cyclical in nature.

And that the fish do unite at some point.

However, there is always the back and forth of life being a factor.

The Two Dragons

The fish then turned into dragons.

Two dragons.

Both in circular unison form.

But they were swallowing (or biting) the end if the other dragons tale.

Dragons are Ancient creatures in the other worlds.

They represent old, ancient, wisdom and information.

Sometimes information that could not be known under normal circumstances.

Dragons were used by the akchemist, seers and ancient magicians to explain in symbolism.

But not only that, when paired with the mind of a master, dragons become quite the energy to work with in the higher vibrational levels.

Their wisdom is powerful but silent.

After seeing the dragons I realized that life was cyclical based, yet again.

The Portal of Portals

Next, I saw a doorway.

I was standing on something circular.

The doorway infront of me had a symbol on it.

It was ♊ .

The symbol for Gemini.

As I went to step forward, I looked around me to see where I was.

What was this doorway?

Behind me I saw a grey round ball.

It looked like the Sun.

At that moment I realized I was standing on an astrological clock.

The sun was behind me… or I was standing near it.

The Gemini door was before me, and if I looked close enough, through the Gemini gate, I could see other gateways.

As I stepped into the doorway if the Gemini gate, I saw another gateway…

It was Pisces.

But it was on another circular rotation.

And as I looked out past that, I could see other doors and gates moving all in unison but in different directions

Either left or right.

And at different speeds.

I then realized this how life must work .

They very machine like execution of occurences, situations and times or timing.

As I saw this, it reenforced how life actually works.

But putting a more visual and esoteric lens on it.

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Full Moon In Pisces

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