Do Your Believe In Faerie Tales?

Do You Believe In Faerie Tales?

Do Your Believe In Faerie Tales?

Do you believe in Ancient Faerie Tales, Myths, and Stories?

I love Ancient Faerie Tales, Myths, and Stories.

Heck, most of us do!

It’s one of the things we all have in common.

The knowledge of these age-old stories.

They tell us of a time no longer with us.

They are the stories of the ancient sages throughout the ages.

Mysteries hidden in plain sight.

For, the untrained or uninitiated mind, can not understand the true meaning.

The story becomes nothing more than an entertaining fairy tale to pass down from generation to generation.

However, for the initiated. The take tells quite a different story.

For the initiated, it becomes a story, telling or reminding them of a different reality or way of being.

To Become (Into Being)

As I write these words, I was guided and influenced by the day of Saturn. 

Saturn has proven to be a very good day for adding to your great work.

It gives a boost, energetically, for working with the abstract. Which the world of Spirit is all about. 

However, abstract is not to mean, without logic.

There is a logic in the abstract.

However, it must be discerned or divined. (As Above, So Below).

This is the other side.

I was just talking to a great friend (Brother) of mine about, the question: Why Do We Do This?

Why do we work so hard and so diligently at this type of life or work?

And the answer was simple. 

Because we believe there is another side and we are looking for a way to understand and work with it.

So the next question was, then how do we do that?

And the answer was once again, very simple.

By changing the way that we think.

Changing the Way We Think

I had a recent discussion on my Ancient Tree of Life Instagram page that was quite enlightening for me.

And I hope it will be for you as well.

The discussion was about cultural origins and if they were important or not.

For example, Ancient Kemetic Spirituality reverence life through the Ankh.

But the ancient people of Kemet did not create this sacred symbol.

The Sumerians and Babylonians did.

If we go back further enough, we can see the true origin of the Ankh.

But why is this important?

Because it gives us a clear (er) understanding.

It gives us two reference points (3, including our own referencing in the present).

The original use of the Ankh gives meaning to what it actually was, and used for, before the Kemetic designation.

Not only does this give us the comparison, but it also gives us a confirmation for any SUBTLE work you may be working on.

We can not discount that as you are searching and doing your work, you are going to resonate with certain energies. 

You are going to have certain questions based in what your work is AND your regular ordinary life.

Your Great Work, or Spiritual path, will lay above your lower physical life and work.

The two shadowing one another.

As Above, So Below. 

As Within, So Without. 

Microcosm, Macrocosm. 

Inside (Self), Outside (Universe).

In Conclusion

Before I end this, I recently lead a Discussion about Ancient Babylonian Gods and Goddesses.

It was the first time I had spoken in public about this work of ours.

But I felt it needed to be done. 

I was terrified at the idea of doing this presentation… At first.

But I had a wonderful time with all the nice, heartfelt people who were there.

We talked about how, in the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian lore, it says that Ea/En.Ki created man.

If you are into ancient alien conspiracy theories, then you may have heard this before. 

Ea was the Sumerian and Babylonian God of Magick and Wisdom.

It is Ea, who was said to have genetically created the first humans.

Which is not completely untrue.

You see, in the ancient Sumerian tale of Creation, it was Ea who created humans, with his Wife Ninhursag, from the blood of a dead God, Adamu.

Ea took the soft earth (clay) and Ninhursag mixed the blood of the dead God into it.

The first humans were said to be created.

Marduk, Son/Sun of Ea was also said to have created a race of humans as well. 

Of His own Bloodline.

Do I believe in these Myths, Tales, and Stories?

The answer is yet again simple…

Yes… And No.

As I said earlier, the stories and tales from the sages, throughout the ages, give us an “SUBLTE” tug.

Our Mind or Subtle Body Senses are alerted and the chase for information begins.

So, yes. 

I do see and understand Ea, Marduk, and even Aset’s ability to create a new race of people. 

Each race is given certain proclivities to that specific bloodline. 

The ancient world may be dead… Or sleeping… But it is always there (here).

Waiting to be understood.

Waiting to be listened to.

The Ancestor’s whispers are louder when the veil is lowered.

As I said, I love faerie tales, myths, and stories.


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Do Your Believe In Faerie Tales?

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