The Devil Tarot Card

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Last week I did my monthly prayers and tarot card confirmation rituals for the new astrological month.

After walking, talking and pondering with the great mysteries, I sat down to do my meditation and breathing.

To my great suprise, (but not so much), I pulled the great and terrofying Devil Card.

Why was it terrorfying?

Because I had just finished watching Paranormal Activity with a friend of mine, lol.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled this card.

I don’t know how many of you have actually meditated, but during a mediation, your guard is down.

Your senses are acute.

You are in a delicate, sensitive mental and emotional state.

Don’t believe me?

The next time someone knocks on your door, or you hear a Bump during or after a mediation, see how scared you get!

Anyways, I was quite shocked when I received this card.

I had to mentally reaffirm the movie was for entertainment purposes only.

But I also had to remember what The Devil Card means.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

When I first started reading Tarot (Over 20 years ago), I started with the Rider-Waite Universal Tarot Deck.

This particular Tarot Card Deck was for beginners.

The Rider-Waite Deck has meaning and interpretations of the card

Located both at the top and bottom of each card.

The top of the card represents the Positive state of the card’s meaning.

But when a card is upside down, it usually represents the negative aspect of the card.

But not always!

There are always exceptions to the rule.

In this particular case, The Devil Card was one of those exceptions.

When in the right side up position, The Devil Card represented:

Bondage (Bond to a situation)

However, in the upside down position, it represented the very opposite.

Release from bondage

Whenever I use a Tarot Deck, my experience with the Rider Waite deck is always influential.

Not just because of the verbose interpretations, but also because of the meaning of that particular decks cards.

Not all Tarot Card Decks are created equal.

Most Tarot Card Reading decks that you will find, are based on the Rider Waite system.

The pictures, meanings (and sometimes symbols) are directly derived from the Rider Waite system.

This is one of the reasons I do not use the Rider Waite deck anymore.

I have found most of its meanings to some what surface.

The meanings only scratched the surface.

And when you have other Tarot deck publishers using the Rider Waite system exclusively, you get a lot of Tarot card decks with loose meanings and interpretations.

Heck, to be honest, there are some publishers who copy the Rider Waite system and have NO idea what the hell they are doing or talking about.

They are simply making Pretty Pictures and selling it as a Fortune Telling System.

Sad… but true.

For the adept, they know that the Tarot is no Fortune Telling System.

If that were the case, every Witch, Warlock, Sorcerer, High Priest or Priestesses would win the lottery or make a killing at the race tracks or in Vegas.

The Tarot System is much more than fortune telling.

The Tarot is a tool of divination into ones Self and Soul.

That Self and Soul are keys to understanding the mysteries of the inside and outside Universe(s).

Inside -> Outside
Microcosm -> Macrocosm
As Above -> So Below
As Within -> So Without

The Witches Tarot

Over the years, I have had many Tarot Card Reading Decks.

Those that influnced me the most were the following:

Rider-Waite Universal Tarot Deck (U.S. Games)
The Witches Tarot (Ellen Cannon Reed, Martin Cannon)
The Book of Thoth (Aleister Crowly)

The Witches Tarot was one of my favorites at one point.

So much that I owned this deck twice in a span of 10 years (the first deck was destroyed by water spilling on it).

However, my all time favorite, has been The Book of Thoth.


The Witches Tarot was beautifully created.

The artwork was extraordinary.

But most importantly, it was based on the Tree of Life or Kabbalah.

Each card had 2 Spheres or Orbs on it (Sephira).

Each card corresponded with a particular placement on The Tree of Life.

However, when I first used this deck, I was not proficient enough to understand the Tree of Life work completely.

But it did lay the groundwork.

Through its exposure, I was being prepared for working with it more intimately decades later.

The Book of Thoth

As I said, The Book of Thoth has become my absolute favorite deck!

It was originally created by the great psychic medium, Aleister Crowley.

Crowley had a deep fascination with the Mysteries.

But more importantly, Ancient Kemetic-Egyptian.

The Book of Thoth is also based on The Tree of Life or Kabbalah.

It is a more intricate Tarot Card Reading System.

Not only is it rich in symbology, esoteric understanding and imagery, it also resonates at a very deep and lower subtle level.

I thoroughly enjoy workign with this deck.

The Devil Card & COVID19

When I initially pulled this card, the world was going through a pandemic.

The CoronoVirus or COVID19 pandemic had struck.

Covid19 was affecting everyone and everything across the world.

From China, to Italy all the way to the United States of America.

We were in a state of turmoil.

And that is not just a emotionally charged and prompted statement.

Globally Economies were affected.

Essentially, the World’s Economies were almost shutdown completely.

Fear and Paranoia were everywhere.

Everyone was being affected.

As a people, we had never seen anything like this.

The Devil Card was the manifestation of what we were going through.

Bondage to negative situation.

Metaphorically and literally.

As millions of people were forced to stay off the streets and stay in our homes.

This was the very definition of what The Devil Card represents.

But was that all?

Is there something else going on?

There have been many questions surrounding the COVID19 pandemic.

In Conclusion…

The Devil Card represents many things.

It even represents the obvious and the not so obvious.

There are two characteristics on this card to take note of:

1) The Third Eye
2) The Facial Expression

The Devil Card from the Book of Thoth Tarot deck shows us two very extraordinary symbols of imagery.

The Third Eye on the goat represents the Divine that SEES and KNOWS all.

There is also a peculiar expression on the goats face.

There is a sly grin that the goat is allowing to escape.

As if he knows something that we do not know.

The goat also knows that he knows and we do not.

And only through walking the darker side of life are we able to put together the pieces of the mysteries.

While the The Devil Card should be rightfully frightening to some, it is also the way to truth and answers behind what is going on in our World.

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The Devil Tarot Card
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