Astrological Age of Crocodile, Serpent, and Hawk

Astrological Age of Crocodile, Serpent, and Hawk

2176 Years

2176 Years: Age of the Crocodile, Serpent, and Hawk

The Ancient Kemetic (Egyptians) broke time up into several segments, pieces or parts.

An Age or Aeon was broken up into the following:

– Age of the Crocodile
– Age of the Serpent
– Age of the Hawk

Each age was roughly about 2176 years.

– The Age of the Crocodile

This particular age is said to be the last age we are not exiting.

It was the age of spiritual poverty and materialism.

The Age of the Crocodile heralded in one of the darkest times humanity has seen.

With the rise of the Church came the ugly nature of power-hungry humans and their rule.

Slavery, murder, heinous acts against other humans, raping of the planet and disharmony with Nature.

These are only a few of the atrocities symbolized by the Age of the Crocodile.

– The Crocodile

The Ancients saw the crocodile as a symbol or archetype which lay at the very base of humanity’s potential.

The crocodile is said to lay waiting at the bottom of the Nile and rises up to grab and attack and pull down into the depths.

if we look back at the last 2000 years, we can see the effects of this stain on humanity.

It is believed that the Mayan calendar came to an end indicating the end of this particular Age.

The Age of the crocodile is symbolized by the end of Matriarchal rule.

– The Age of the Serpent

After the Age of the Crocodile, time shifts and moves forward.

That which has died and lays at the bottom eventually rises up.

The Age of the Serpent is akin to the Lotus flower.

The lotus flower is said to be given life from all the putridness at the bottom of the Nile.

While the lotus flower seeds are planted in the putrid depths of the death and decay, it rises up and becomes one of the most beautiful flowers and symbols of life.

The Lotus flower was said to have a sweet-smelling and intoxicating scent.

It was also used in medicines and remedies by the Ancient Kemetic and Egyptian people.

Additionally, it was used as an aphrodisiac. The Ancients reverenced the lotus flower and used it as a symbol of life and renewal of life. This is depicted in much of the cultural artwork in Egypt.

The Serpent represents Ancient Wisdom, Knowledge and the ability to survive.

The serpent is an ancient symbol of power and strength.

It represents the ability to transform, change, adapt and heal.

This particular age is symbolic of the age of the Matriarch.

The Age of the Hawk

Next in the Age of cycles is the Age of the Hawk.

The Hawk represents the ability to stand above the lower self.

It is a symbol of the ability to rise up and see things from a higher perspective.

The Hawk is a representative of the great Eye in the Sky.

The Age of the Hawk is a time when the Great Ones stand up and lead the people.

The Hawk is the ability to transcend the lower and to see past “right here right now”.

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Astrological Age of Crocodile, Serpent, and Hawk

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