Modern Day Kemetism



Kemetism vs Neterism

Modern Day Kemetism

Kemetism is the study and practice of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) spiritual system.

However, modern day Kemetism has become something very different.

A Heartfelt Decision

A few weeks ago, I made the heartfelt decisions to remove the term Kemetism from our teaching and learning track.

I have come to the conclusion and decision, that what we initially called Kemetism, was linked to the ancient old teachings of Kemet.

However, it has come to my attention that there are modern day factions and groups which are using the term out of context.

While, I won’t get into the details, their viewpoint and perspectives are not what the Ancient Tree of Life or myself support.

In our opinion, Kemetism is about the learning of the ancient arts found in Kemet.

Being Black

While being Black was cultural and iconic, it was never a position to hold over anyone’s head.

Yes, the Ancient Kemetyu did identity with the blackness of the fertile rich, soil, the blackness of the night time sky, and the skin tone of some, however, it was never a means of racial preference over another or group of people’s.

Many of these modern day, so called Kemetic groups, fail to realize or address that there were varying degrees of skin tone in Kemet as well as in all of Africa.

With that said, while we will still make references to Ancient Kemet (pre foreign rule by non indiginous Africans), we will be seperating ourselves from these racially exclusive, radical groups.

We, the Ancient Tree of Life, will never be pro hate or condone racial segregation in any way, shape or form.

No exceptions!

The Lower Self

While the people of Kemet were African in nature, the ancient Kemetyu we’re not so proud, arrogant, egotistical or racially exclusive that they did not seek to help, share or teach others the sacred ancient  arts (regardless of race).

We, at the Ancient Tree of Life, will redirect all of that misrepresented and misguided energy into the underlying, fundamental techings of the ancient cultural and spiritual systems found in ancient Khem (Kemet).

This will include inconic, cultural references, spiritual symbolism and the gnosis that comes along with the culmination and integration of the two.

It is my firm belief that those so called modern day Kemetic groups lack any understanding of the spiritual systems that Kemet learned and taught.

Because of that lack of understanding, they are forced to focus on the very physical, mundane, aspect of life.

That apsect of life, which is represented by the lowest  existence inherent in the lower,  earthly energetic vibrations.

The very energy vibrations, that the ancient kemetic Priests, Priestesses and teachers saught to overcome.

With that said, we will not condone or participate in the practice, learning, fueling or development of these lower energies.

For they are based purely and solely in the ego and lowest recesses of the self.

Our first lesson will always be to “subdue the ego”.

This ego includes the lower self as symbolized in the ancient, and iconic symbolism of HerEmAkhet (Sphinx).


While many of these so called Kemetic groups will say, there is a spiritual war and that their response and behavior is warranted, I will always say their mindset and ideology link back to the lower base Shen Center (Chakra)

For more on the Shen and Chakra systems, please read our post, Spirituality vs Religion

Followers of Set

This particular Shen Center, represented by the Was Scepter, are directly linked to the ideologies of Set and his followers.

This is known as Sethianism (or Sethians… Followers of Set).

Sethians believe in harnessing the power of the lower self to direct dominance over others in addition to chaos, rage and hate.

While this particular energy current does have it’s beneficial use, alone, unchanneled and developed solely with ego in charge, it leads to the very corruption, perversion and machinations of war that we have seen since humans began exerting dominance over the earth.

We, at Ancient Tree of Life, do not, will not and will never condone, Sethianism.

If the trials and tribulations of Heru and Set are to be reminders of this great conflict, we will know and remember that Heru was never able to defeat Set by using the same means and techniques that Set used to usurp the Throne of Kemet and wage war against it’s inhabitants and Heru.

Those proponents of Kemetic hate, racial bigotry, prejudice and war have never taken the time to work the tree of life or study the work and mystery behind the lore of Heru and Set.

These Anti-Kemetic proponents, are worried less with learning, knowing and insperiencing (internal experiencing) than they are about projecting their own perverted version and lack of understanding of the great spiritual ideals, values and gnosis that were Ancient Kemet.

In Conclusion

From here on out, we will not be referring to our great work as Kemetic or Kemetism. 

We do not follow, worship or reverence Kings, Queens, or Pharaohs.

Our work and ideals explicitly  reflect within the cultural, divine and spiritual aspects of the Ancient Kemetyu.


Our great work will cease to reflect the modern day ideologies of Kemetic Kemetism.

We will exemplify the ideal and core values of the Neter and Neterism.

Neterism will be defined as, “The study application and learning of the divine principle’s of the ancient kemetic system of the Neter.”

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Modern Day Kemetism

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