Ancient Kemet Meaning vs Ancient Egypt Amazing Truth

Kemet Meaning

Kemet Meaning vs Ancient Egypt

What's the Meaning of Kemet?

Before there was Ancient Egypt, the land, and country located on the northern tip of Africa was known as Kemet (or Khemet).

Ancient Kemet was founded, developed and ruled, by the indigenious, native, African people of that area.

They called themselves, Kamitians or Kemetyu.

Ancient Kemet Meaning vs Ancient Egypt

Before the rule of foreign invaders, this country and its empire, were governed and ruled by the native people of this land. 

These people were the indigenious Africans.

There is much confusion, conspiracy and controversy behind the origins of Ancient Egypt and the original rulers of this land.

History would elude and distort the truth as to the origins that  ancient Egyptians were native africans… or Black people.

As you may already be starting to think and understand, the reason for this subversion of history is based purely in sociopolitical prejudice and racism.

How could the great Ancient Egypt be built by the ancestors of modern day africans and black peoples?

After 2,000 years of racism and religious prejudice, and slavery, the answer seems obvious.

You must eventually ask the question: Why has so much effort gone into subduing Black Africans?

Kemet Foreign Rule and Invasion

It is of my opinion, and belief, that the later kings and rulers of ancient Egypt were foreign, non indigenous, African peoples.

Due to constant invasions and conquering of lands, that occured in history to this particular empire, we can conclusively say that, by the end of the 31st-32nd dynasties, Egypt was no longer ruled by indigenous, northern African people’s.

Kemet no longer existed. It had infact, become Egypt.

From Ancient Kemet to Egypt

With that said, we must step back from religious prejudice, hate and ignorance and closely take a linear and secular historical accounting of the different regimes that occupied this country during the past 2000 years.

From Xerses I and II of Persia, to Alexander the Great of Macedonia, to the Ptolemys of Ancient Greece and the Roman Conquers of Julius Casear.

Ancient Kemet was no more. It’s people, culture, rulers and even the origins of its spiritual nature had ceased to exist.

The Pyramids

Even the the Pyramids themselves were not built by the Ancient Egyptians (Pre Kemetic).

Infact, it is said that the people of Ancient Kemet did not build them either.

They are said to have existed before the time of the Kemetic Empire.

The Pyramids of are thus much older than we originall thought.

And thus built earlier than historians have given credit to.

Their architecture and dating are far older than 2,000 years old.

They are more closer to 20,000+ years.

With the HerEmAkhet (Sphinx) being much older.

HerEmAkhet (Spinx)

HerEmAkhet, erroneously referred to as, “The Sphinx” is not a sphinx at all.

The term sphinx is Ancient Greek in nature and refers to a mythological creature.

Wikipedia defines a sphinx as, “…a mythical creature with the head of a human and the body of a lion with the wings of a falcon.” (see wikipedia)

The name, HerEmAkhet, actually means, “Lord of the Two Lands” or “He who is both above and below” (depending on your translation).


Sahara Desert

HerEmAkhet has been verified to have existed long before the melting of the polar ice caps.

Evidence of this has been proven by excessive water erosion markings at the base of the structure.

This new information dates the the structure much older than what was once believed.

Geological evidence suggests that the cause has been by many years of heavy, rainfall and massive water erosion in the sub Saharan desert.


When was the last time there was rainfall and bodies of water in the Saharan desert?

In Conclusion

With that said, we must step back, cast aside all presumptions of what we claim to know, and rethink the building of these ancient, great structures.

We must realize that we are now forced to rethink, what we were originally told about this once great Ancient African culture by those with hidden, sociopolitical agendas and reasons.

It would not be the first time, that history has distorted facts about indigenous peoples and their cultures based on racial, predjudice and sociopolitical unbias.

Especially against indigenous African people’s.

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Ancient Kemet Meaning vs Ancient Egypt Amazing Truth

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