Going Forth of Wadjet Singing

December 25th

December 25th (Going Forth of Wadjet Singing)

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Hello and happy holidays (Holy Days).

All across the world, millions of people are celebrating the holidays.

December 24th and 25th have long been celebrated as days of Spiritual and physical importance.

But why?

For some, the day is said to be the birth of the Christian’s “Son of God”.

But for others, it’s much more symbolic.

The Birth of the Sun God

In ancient cultures all around the world, December 25th was marked as the day of the rebirth of the Sun.

It is the beginning of the new, reborn, solar year.

The Sun was also said to be reborn during this time frame known as the Winter Solstice.

For three days, the sun dies (or is eclipsed by the moon).

On the third day, in the house of Virgo (The Virgin), the sun is said to reborn.

It is the first new light of the year.

The eclipse of the sun, by the moon, is said to give off a crescent-like image, when viewed.

Going Forth Singing of Wadjet

What is Wadjet?

Wadjet is the name of the Kemetic Snake or Cobra Goddess.

Wadjet is also known by other names such as Butu, Utu and connected directly with the Kemetic Uraeus.

The Uraeus symbol, seen on Ancient Kemetic temples, was depicted as a Sun with two Snakes or Cobras extending out, from both the left and right sides of the Sun.

Wadjet was seen as both the great protector of the Pharaohs and a Healer.

She is that energy which is old and ancient.

The serpent represents the cycle of times both old and new. She represents both ageless and timeless information, wisdom and knowledge.

True knowledge which does not change over the course of the times.

She is the cycle of life and death within Nature.

Life springing from death and death giving birth to life.

What Does the Singing of Wadjet Mean?

There are 6 times in the year when we celebrate Wadjet.

Each time is when we enter a magnification or the rising of the Sun.

The ancients believed that the sun had an energy.

The Wadjet or Uraeus was an extension of the Sun.

It was the sun’s physical energy being exerted.

Imagine, each Ray of the Sun having a Uraeus pulling it across the Universe. Directing the Sun’s energy.

The Wadjet is the Feminine embodiment of the Sun’s nurturing but powerful energy.

The singing of Wadjet then means that the sun returning creates a vibration. Such as the tune from a song or a note bursting forward.

Check out this latest video, December 25th (Going Forth of Wadjet Singing).

Going Forth of Wadjet Singing

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