What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean

The Star Tarot Card

The Star Card

The Star Tarot Card is about hopes, dreams, wishes, and reaching your desires.

The star card also represents Aquarius which is right after the Capricorn astrological month.

See the XVI Devil Card.

Capricorn: The Mountain Goat

If Capricorn is the mountain goat that must leap forward with faith, then Aquarius is that leap of faith towards the future.

Every month I perform a spiritual prayer, ritual, and meditation followed by a tarot card reading.

This process is what I call a tarot confirmation reading.

The tarot confirmation reading is the physical manifestation of the prayer work I have just performed.

However, I only use the 21 Major Arcana cards for the reading.

Why only the major arcana?

Because the major arcana represents the principles behind the Book of Thoth and the Tree of Life.

The 21 Major Arcana

Just as there are 21 books in the Book of Thoth and 21 Major Sephira (spheres) on the tree of life, there are also 21 major arcana cards in the Tarot.

As we entered Capricorn, ruled by the ancient and mysterious Planet Saturn, our focus shifts towards our inner selves and the other world.

Capricorn takes place in the dead of winter, which makes us more conscious about survival and thus, how we feel on the inside, deep, deep down inside.

Our ancestors had to struggle to survive during the long winter months.

Some of our ancestors had to constantly look towards the end of winter and keeping their mind’s eye on the end of winter and the beginning months that preceded spring.

Even those ancestors who lived in Africa and in the Mediterranean had to keep watchful eye on the procession of the seasons for agricultural reasons.

When to sow and reap the harvest was pivotal to survival and life.

The Star Card: Aquarius

This very anticipation of the future is the meaning of the Star Card (looking forward to the future).

If the Star Card is about looking towards the future, then it makes sense that Capricorn would be about preparing for that future before taking a leap of faith towards it.

The Star card represents Aquarius.

Also known as the Water Bearer. Aquarius’s planetary ruler is Uranus (Sumerian Ur-Anu).

In Ancient Sumer, Anu was the Father God and God of Heaven.

Anu was also the literal name for Heaven itself.

If that is true, then it makes sense that Star Card and Aquarius would represent reaching up towards the stars of the heavens. While waiting for your dreams to come true.

The Star Card Meaning

In the Walt Disney story, Pinnochio, Jiminy Cricket sings, “When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires. Will come to you.”

In Aleister Crowley’s, Book of Thoth Tarot Tarot Deck, the Star Card shows the Female Goddess (Feminine energy) pouring water upon her head.

Above the goddess, we can see the twinking and swirling of star energy in the heavens.

The Goddess’s long flowing hair is representative of both the heavenly flow (of water and star energy) and the connection between the upper worlds and herself.

We also see her standing above the physical world, pouring water onto the physical ground below her which begins to crystalize (or materialize). Thus taking on shape and form in the physical world.

In Crowley’s Book of Thoth Tarot Deck, the goddess is representative of both Nut and Aset (or Isis), which are all divine mothers of heaven.

You see, in order to manifest one’s wishes, you must begin with the inner world (emotions) and work your way towards the outer world towards physical manifestation.

This is the secret behind manifesting ones wishes and desires.

All seeds lay in the immaterial world of hopes, dreams and wishes before they can materialize in the physical.

Only when our emotions take on action and come into contact with the physical world, can they begin to take root and sprout.

I find this particular card to be an interesting card to receive during this time of Capricorn.

If Capricorn is the mountain goat leaping forward faithfully into the unknown future, then Aquarius is the inner prompting of the emotional world and divine which gives faith that divine voice, intuition, or inner prompting.

Ancient Egyptian Gods

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What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean

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