Justice Tarot Card Meaning Mediation

Justice Tarot Card Meaning Meditation

Justice Tarot Card Meaning Meditation is about balance, blind justice, cause and effect, and karma.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning Meditation also represents the astrological time frame of Libra.

Justice Tarot Card Meaning Meditation is also Libra which is ruled by the Planet Venus.

Venus represents love, beauty, friendships, companionship and community.

The Justice Card is also The Adjustments Card in the Book of Thoth Tarot Card Deck by Aleister Crowley.

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Mercury Retrograde & Sun in Libra

This passing mercury retrograde has left its impressions on me.

At first, I didn’t know that a retrograde was occurring.

Totally unaware of the changing of the planetary energies and the waxing and waning of the celestial worlds.

I simply thought I had become unmotivated, procrastinating, and unable to make a decision or concentrate.

Know Thyself

The rule, “Know thyself” always rings true.

However, sometimes, the rule does not kick in as soon as we would like it to.

So confusion and doubt ring in the air and dance about like a flame catching spark on dry foliage and driftwood.

Starting ablaze and engulfing everything in its wake.

Tuck & Roll

Over the years I have learned to “tuck and roll”, or go with the flow.

However this is a lesson still being intuitively learned.

During the last couple of weeks, all I wanted to do was hide from the light of day and sleep.

And that is exactly what I did.

Not opening a curtain for days, and sleeping just as much.

I am by no means a stranger to recoiling, withdrawing and high-tailing it back into the darkness.

It’s a skill I learned so well as a child.

When times get tough, grab your favorite blanket, and wrap yourself up like a caterpillar waiting for everything to change or feel better.

But this time was different.

Our New World

The reality of our world of Covid19 and quarantine in the air, the previous days, and months of isolation, lack of real entertainment, and soulful interaction had caused a different feeling inside of me.

My mind and thoughts were turned to the events of the recent months and the state of this newfound world.

The recent events involving mass hysteria caused by the riots, news, and politics had taken a serious toll on my mind (and heart).

The Riots

Now, I’m no newbie when it comes to rioting.

I lived in LA during the Watts riots and even the Rodney King incident.

However, I was a child when the Watts riots broke out and a teenager in middle school when Rodney King was assaulted.

But this time, it was different.

I was feeling the mental squeeze of the quarantine.

But not just that.

I was seeing the news and politicians taking advantage of the situation (or causing it).

I was growing internally angry and hurt at the same time.

Additionally, the reactions from the people were working my last nerves.

I was realizing now than ever, that people just don’t think.

They react and respond.

And when manipulated, they are blatantly ignorant and even more dangerous.

As I said previously, I did not know there was a Mercury Retrograde occurring.

I had no such thing to blame or contribute to the surmounting effects of the mental and emotional hell I was going through.

Then one day, I jumped on my Ancient Tree of Life Twitter account and came across an article from someone I was following.

It all started to make sense.

Mercury was retrograde.

The planet was moving slower than usual and it was causing issues.

When Mercury goes retrograde, it causes communication issues. Both inside and out, above and below.

But not just that.

Gemini Moon

My Moon sign is also Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

My intuitive nature is tied to that little Jiminy Cricket chatterbox, called Gemini, which gets its energy directly from Mercury.

During this time, I realized that I needed to learn the lesson of the mercurial retrograde.

I needed to tuck and roll.

But more than that, I needed to listen to my inner self and see what the problem was.

I needed to hear the hurt, pain, frustration, and anguish that my spirit or Ba was trying to tell me.

I came to this conclusion: I was disgusted with humanity.

I was disgusted with the News, Politicians, Rioters, Social Media, and just about everything, and everybody.

Sun in Virgo

Did I mention we were also still in Virgo?


If things couldn’t get any worse, we were still in Virgo!

Virgo was adding to the narrow-minded way of thinking.

“My way is THE best way”.

I swear if Virgos could realize that there are many different ways of thinking, they’d be Libras.

So how funny, Libra is just around the corner.

The next astrological time frame, right after Virgo!

Libra: House of Love & Beauty


I think not.

There has got to be a release of pressure from all that pent up Virgin minded Virgoan energy.

There is.

And her name is Libra.

The goddess of Love (not Virginity) and beauty.

The God’s either have a great sense of humor or this is all a psychological experiment to see how much pressure it takes to make a person pop!

It’s been almost two weeks and things are starting to settle down.

I am feeling more like myself again.

Heck, I actually opened the window blinds!

But sleeping, it still feels so good.

Lesson Learned

So what did I learn during my Mercury retrograde experience?

Well, nothing.

I learned absolutely nothing during it.

Other than I have a bit of pent up energy towards mankind.

Which isn’t big news.

However, what I learned afterward was well worth noting.

The Legend of Korra

This last week or so, I’ve been watching “The Legend of Korra” on Netflix.

It’s a spin-off of the show, “Avatar: The Last Airbender”.

Both shows are really good.


Because they have heavy esoteric and Spiritual messages in them.

Both shows talk a lot about past lives, meditation, and mastering the four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.

Japanese anime is heavily laced with Spiritual undertones.

You just have to look for it.

During The Legend of Korra, Korra keeps mentioning how the Avatar is the bridge between the physical and the spirit world.

The Hierophant Card

This message held deep meaning for me because, during my last Tarot Confirmation Reading during Virgo, I pulled The Hierophant Card.

The Hierophant Card is the bridge between Heaven and Earth (or the Physical and Spirit Worlds).

So as I am watching the show, I am seeing the trials and tribulations Korra is going through and it’s really making me think.

I realized, that I needed to reconnect with each of the four Elementals.

So that’s exactly what I started doing.

Day 1: Elemental Fire

I decided to first work with Elemental Fire Fire and then work my way to Elemental Wind.

With Libra coming up in a few days, this seemed perfect!

On the first day, I work with the fire energy.

I used the Ancient Kemetic Archetypes of The Four Sons of Heru (Horus) The Elder.

Heru The Elder is also known as Heru-ur, HerWer or Haroeris to the Greeks.

His names means, He Who Is Above.

Heru-ur is one of the brothers of Aset, Asar, Nephthys, and Set.

He is also the uncle of Heru or Horus (Son/Sun of Aset).

Heru-ur is much older than Heru and linked to the planet Ur-Anu (Uranus).

The four sons of Heru-ur are embodiments of the four elements: Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth or Imsety, Duamutef, Quebesunef, and Hapi respectively.

  • Imsety is protected by the Goddess Aset (Isis)
  • Duamutef is protected by Anpu (Anubis)
  • Quebesunef is protected by Heru (Horus)
  • Hapi is protected by Djheuty (Tahuti or Thoth)

After working with the Element of Fire energy, I told myself I would know if I made the connection with the Fire element when I got a sign.

The next day, I was wearing some new Japanese style pants I got for my birthday.

Someone told me the symbol on the pants looked like a two-headed dragon (but without the heads).

Connection received.

Day 2: Elemental Air

On the second day, I started working with the Air energy.

I started by burning some dragon’s blood incense, sat on the floor, in front of my altar, and began trying to meditate.

However, I was having a hard time getting into meditation.

There was some sort of block.

My mind felt like there was interference or something getting in the way.

I tried explaining to the Energy that it there felt like there was something interfering on both sides of my head, above and behind my ears blocking me.

At that moment, I heard my wall crack!

I aint gonna lie. I jumped a little.

Shortly thereafter, the feeling went away and I was entering the realm of meditation.

The interference had gone.

The Search Begins

Prior to going into my meditation, I told myself I was looking for something.

I was looking for an Energy or Archetype.

But I didn’t know what it was exactly.

I was looking for something that was causing all this disturbance we are going through.

I won’t go into exactly what it was I was looking for, because I do not want the wrong hands messing around with upper energies that they shouldn’t have access to.

But I will tell you I was looking for something in the upper Airs.

During my meditation, I saw a few different things.

A Temple

One of them was a temple.

The temple lay between two sets of buildings.

One either side of another.

The temple before me stretched up into the sky.

To make a long story short, I found what I was looking for.

The Tree of Life

It was the Tree of Life.

And on top of that tree was a little bird looking out over the top of the horizon.

After my Meditation, I did a tarot confirmation reading.

The card I pulled was VIII The Justice Card.

Justice Card

Justice Tarot Card Meaning Meditation represents, Love, Beauty and Balance.

The Justice Card is also Libra ruled by Venus.

Which just happens to be the next astrological time frame we are moving into.

In The Justice Card, there are two symbols that stuck out to me.

The Scales of Justice in the middle, a symbol of the Air Elemental on the left, and the symbol for Libra on the right.

My tarot confirmation reading complete.

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Justice Tarot Card Meaning Mediation

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