Mut Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Great Divine Mother

Mut Egyptian Goddess

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Mut Egyptian Goddess is the Sky Goddess and Divine Great Mother of all the Gods and Goddesses.

Mut Goddess of the Sky and Great Divine Mother

The name Mut literally translates into the word “Mother” especially when syncretised with Heru, Son of Aset. (Mut + Her = Muther or Mother).

Mut Egyptian Goddess typically was seen as a Woman wearing both the Hedjet White Crown of Upper Kemet (Egypt) sitting in the Red Deshret Crown of Lower Kemet.

There is a reason why the White Crown sits within the Red Crown as this is one of the reasons for her name, her origin and her link to another.

The double Crown also represents the unification of Upper and Lower Kemet.

Which is also symbolic of the Unification of the Upper and the Lower realms and worlds (As Above, So Below).

Egyptian Goddess Mut and Glastonbury England

If you have not already done so, I would highly recommend you listen to my Podcast “3 Celtic Goddesses, Astral Walking and the Rites of Sovereign Rule from Ancient Ireland | Episodes 2-4″.

The podcast goes into more detail about my work and interaction with the Ancient Celtic Goddesses of Ireland.

Right after this connection, I received my DNA tests indicating Irish ancestry.

Dione Fortune & Aleister Crowley

A few years ago, I was reading a book about the nefarious Aleistra Crowley and the compassionate soul, Dione Fortune.

The book, “The Logos of the Aeon and the Shakti of the Age”.

This is an awesome book that I highly recommend to anyone working with Spiritual or Ancestral energy.

In my reading, I came across a reference to Glastonbury and it mentioned a hill.

Later that night, went into a meditation and emotional visalization.

From Egypt To England

In my minds eye, I saw the land of Ancient Kemet (Egypt) and wanted to be there.

I saw Africa, as a whole continent, and wanted to be one with it.

After a few moments of seeing and feeling Africa, my heart started to ache.

My heart felt a linked to the heart of Africa.

I then pleaded and told the earth to recycle and replenish the earth and ground please.

And to give it back to me… to us.

Egyptian Goddess Mut and The Pharaoh Connection

Then I saw the ancient Pharoah(s) of yesterday.

I felt their strenght.

In that moment, I wanted to be the Pharaoh.

However, am loyal to a specific bloodline.

I am loyal to the Priests and bloodline of Aset, Asar and Heru.

So I asked for them only.

I asked Aset, Asar and Heru to empower me.

To be one with me.

In my meditation, I placed myself inside of a mound (a hill).

I buried myself and was dead.

I then felt the earth and area around me.

It was the same feeling as the imagery of Glastonbury to me.

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I felt I wanted a house.

No I wanted land.

I wanted my own land.

A huge piece of land with a home on it.

A mansion.

A modern day castle.

Longing for Kemet and the dense energy there, I began to feel myself cry.

However, I didn’t stop the feeling.

I wanted to let the tears flow.

So I cried and mourned for Kemet.

My throat and lungs filled, as if, with the loss of a loved one that I can no longer remember vividly in my mind.

Like a loved one that can no longer be seen with me eyes.

Like a loss so real and yet so true that in that moment, I realized, as I looked around at my physical home with my mind, that I must have been there in Kemet!

Egyptian Goddess Mut & The Star Card

The Star Card

Immediately thereafter, in my mind, saw the image of the Star Card, from Crowley’s Book of Thoth Tarot Deck.

The Star Card shows Mut Egyptian Goddess (Mut/Nun/Aset) pouring water down her body.

I told my inner self, this was my initiation.

This was My Promise.

I then went to put my tarot cards away.

But before putting them away, I looked at the Cards I had pulled earlier.

Then, I happened to look at the next card in the unshuffled deck.

I was amazed at what I saw.

It was the Star Card I had seem in my mind after my visualization.

It was Nun/Mut/Aset… in all her/their Glory.

Blessed is our Lady of the Silver Light!

Moon Magick on a Saturnalia Morn

The Date was 3/25/2018

I have always said that Saturdays are the best days and nights for working with the Ancestors.

And this was no different.

These are accounts of my personal trance meditations and prayers.

They are as real as they are my personal accounts which I am sharing with you.

Mut Egyptian Goddess Water Creation

Additionally, there is water in everything.

Even in the Air.

That night, Mut communicated to me.

She showed me something of Water and Creation Matrix.

It started with a visualization.

More so, communication.

I had a “talk” with a part of me.

I believe it was Mut Egyptian Goddess.

My TV flickering when asking if Mut Egyptian Goddess was communicating.

Mut and The Two Energies

Mut showed me that there are two energies.

More specifically, there is one energy but it has 2 vibrations.

When they are separate, they vibrate like the normal characteristics of their energetic world.

They are the energies of Male and Female.

Or Logic and Emotion.

Exertion and Embracement.

Mut & A Single Dot

Mut also showed me that the two energies of masculine and feminine were one at time, One.

Then they split into two.

The Masculine energy sprung forward, started moving and kept moving.

Expanding on its logic program (like the intial water dot example).

As this masculine energy sprung forward, Mut lept out at it to reembrace.

Feeling, in that unique moment, which had never happened before, that she had to leap (towards it) or move (out of the way).


Mut showed me a single Dot.

And then she showed me these other Dots.

They are all Water based Dots.

These water based dots were linked together and formed a network.

These dots are all around me and anything that I can conceive.

These dots talk to one another.

But there is an initial point at which all the dots communicate with one another.

From that one dot, when the work or feeling has been communicated, it communicates with all the other dots.

Until, finally, they have all received communication and share or have the same bit of information.

Divine Feminine and Masculine Energy

This is the wisdom of the Feminine productive, intuitive, and blind compassion magick.

Wrapping herself around the masculine, Mut reattached with the warm embrace of the two halves.

But they were different now.

Not like they were before (when they were originally One)

They were no longer a Two anymore, but now a One again.

Mut had wrapped herself lovingly around the masculine energy.

But she was now separate.

As was He (One again, but separate such as Individual Togetherness)

Mut could not feel a true and original oneness but more of a halfness now in their different forms (different vessels).

This masculine energy was not the type to think or congratulate.

His initial springing forth was the result of ages of waiting in darkness with nothing [NOthingness] happening (or moving).

Until, at some moment, something changed.

His inability to do anything but exist in NOthingness, is what made him move.

The masculine energy felt the need to move.

And so it did.

Unknown to either of these two primordial energies, it was Nun, Mut’s mother, who ached with NOthingness as well.

And so it was Nun who gave birth to both of these energetic vibrations.

Both Primordial Divine Feminine Mute and Primordial Divine Masculine pushed from the sheer void of Nuns NOthingness into somethingness.

We (The Universe) then and now had the basis for (Dual) Polarities… And life

Mut Egyptian Goddess of the Sky and Great Divine Mother

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