Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 2

Hey, welcome to part two of Choosing Your Ancient Egyptian God and Goddess.

  • Descent of Inanna into the Underworld

One of my favorite stories is about the Descent of Inanna into the Underworld.

Inanna was the Goddess and Mother of Heaven.

She descends into the Underworld to visit her sister Erishkigal.

Ianna was also paying her respects to Erishkigal’s husband, Nergal who had recently died.

  • 7 Seven Gates of the Underworld

During Inanna’s descent, into the Underworld, she had to pass through 7 Gates. Inanna also had to discard her 7 heavenly jewels and sacred items.

Here we see the number 7 and the mentioning of the 7 Gates one must pass.

After reaching the Underworld, Inanna is immediately judged and killed.

Her body is thrown upon a cross from which she hangs and dies.

In Sumer, we have Inanna who is also Inanna-Ishtar in Babylon.

In Ancient Kemet and Egypt, we have Aset.

Essentially the same story or mythos but from a different perspective.

The Two Sisters: Inanna-Erishkigal & Aset-Nephthys

Inanna’s sister, Erishkigal is then nine other than Aset’s sister, Nephthys.

And by proxy, Nergal in Ancient Sumer is Set from Ancient Kemet.

So in the Ancient Kemetic Pantheon, we have Aset, Asaur, Nephthys, and Set.

This gives us a four-dimensional aspect of our Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess to work with.

A secret into the mysteries of the number 4!

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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Choosing Your God and Goddess Part 2

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