Origins of the Subtle Body and the Orion Gate Nebula and Star System

Origins of the Subtle Body and the Orion Gate Nebula and Star System

The beginning of the year marks a time of renewal.

Sometimes that renewal comes along with starting over or beginning again.

Orion’s Gate

The Orion’s Gate Nebula and Star System have been used for Aeons by the old ancient Mystery Schools.

Orion is a symbol of our ability to transcend and rise it.

The Orion’s Nebula is also the premise and basis for the 7 Frameworks or 7 Pillars.


A couple of days ago, I saw a news article stating, the star known as Betelgeuse was flickering more actively than usual.

This immediately made my mind wonder (and wander). I began to think, “what does this mean?” and “has it happened before?”.

Was Scepter

Betelgeuse, also known as “Alpha Orionis”, is the 5th star in the Orion’s Gate Star system.

It is associated with the Was Scepter in Ancient Kemet (Egypt).

After doing some research, I learned that the Was Scepter is associated with the Root Shen or Root Chakra.

Root Shen and Chakra

The Root Shen or Chakra represents the spine in the body. It also represents the lowest level in the Chakra system.

The Root Shen represents the basic need for survival. It also represents our base instincts: Fear, Anger, Pride, Ego… And the need to survive.

Immediately after realizing this, my mind flew into a frantic state.

I felt the need to prepare for any challenge that may be coming our way. Especially in this new year.

Return of the Subtle Body

Our Pathwork is all about preparation for the future while reconnecting with the past.

We wish to become one with Nature and the Natural Laws and Orders of this world and the universe.

The Subtle Body is how we connect or reconnect with the energies inside and outside of us.

The Subtle body is out vibrational self that feels, senses, intuits and interprets Life that exists on this vibrational plane, along with life others.

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Origins of the Subtle Body and the Orion Gate Nebula and Star System

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