Babylonian God’s and Goddesses

Babylonian God’s and Goddesses

The 7 Lesser Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Sumerian Anunnaki

Discussion and Lecture Presentation

About 3-4 years ago, I started researching ancient Egyptian spirituality.

It talked about a lot of things from high magick to vampirism and even a great war.

But this particular version of the ancient Egyptian religion was older than anything else I had ever heard or read.

It talked about the very beginnings of ancient Egypt.

Which I found fascinating.

After a couple of years, I started hearing more and more about ancient Babylon and ancient Sumeria. Which are now known as modern-day Iraq. But nonetheless, it was known as the Fertile Crescent.

I heard some time ago, that ancient Sumeria was a sister country of ancient Khemet (Egypt). 

So I wanted to learn more about them.

As I studied the ancient Babylonian gods and goddesses, I saw that they shared some similarities.

The stories or myths were a little different, but the message was still there.

And it was the same.

A couple of years back, I began reading and learning about the Babylonian system of magickal hierarchy, their history, and beliefs but through a spiritual lens.

I started working with each deity, one at a time. But with the Babylonian system, it’s easier because of how it worked. 

After a period of time, I became very good at sensing, feeling, and working with these vibrations. 

In fact, it actually started to identify with one deity in particular. 

Ea, Lord of Magick and Wisdom. 

Ea is the Son of An(u) but also the brother of Enlil.

Together, Ea, An, and Enlil make up what is called the Supernal Trinity. 

You could call them 3 parts of the God Head or Head of God.

The Supernal Triad


Title: Father in Heaven

Planet: Ur-Anu (Uranus)

An(u) : An or Anu is called the  Father of Heaven.

Anu is Father to both Enlil and Ea.

Anu is the One. From which all the others sprang forth from.

Enlil and Ea following.

It is said that only the shade of Anu is left here on Earth.

While he does not preside in heaven upon the throne.

His children Enlil and Ea are his executors.

Both Enlil and Ea have been given charge over earth and heaven.

With Enlil being the Lord of Command and the Airs. 

And Ea being the Lord of Magick and Wisdom over the Earth and Waters.

But not only that but Enlil was also given power over the other seven lesser gods.

While Ea was given power over humans, living creatures, and the great deep.

This is where we have the different divisions of magick among the elementals (air vs water and earth)

NAME: ENLIL & Ninmah

Title: Lord of the Command and Airs

Planet: Jupiter

In both ancient Sumeria and Babylon, Enlil was seen as a Sky God. His title gave him the ability to move and be flexible like the air. But we also know air and wind can be destructive just as it is productive.

In an ancient Babylonian text, it is Enlil who is for the great flood of man on earth.

While his brother Ea is sympathetic to humans and his creations.

It is Ea who then warns a follower to build a vessel with great haste.

The story says the follower received the wisdom of Ea through the reeds.

We’ve seen egotistical and powerful sky gods before (Zeus and Ra for example).

Enlil is both the earpiece for Anu and also the executor is his word.


Title: Lord of Magick and Wisdom

Planet: Neptune

While Enlil was given control of the Airs, Ea governed all that which was beneath and below.

All the living things of the earth.

It is said that in the beginning, when the waters were one, saltwater and freshwater commingled together.

It was Ea who separated the freshwater. It was Ea who allowed the water to flow into freshwater springs. From where all life and societies could grow.

In ancient Sumer, Ea means House of Water. So he was seen as the God of Water. His planet being Neptune.

Ea’s power and wisdom are very slow-moving. Like the ocean.

But like all things, it gains momentum.

Just as the Moon waxes and wanes. Begins and Ends so does the magick and the wisdom of Ea.

Ancient Babylonian Pantheon

The 7 Lesser Gods and Goddesses

NAME: Nanna & Ningal

Title: Lord and Lady of the  Moon

Day of the Week: Monday

Planet: Moon

Son of Enlil

Nanna or Sin (Suen) is the name of the god of the moon. 

In the Babylonian Pantheon, Nanna or Nannar is the first-born son of Enlil.

To the Ancients, the moon was the sun at night. It was also the first doorway to the other side.

Nanna ruled the rise and fall and waxes and wanes of the different phases of the moon.

NAME: Nergal & Ereshkigal

Title: Lord and Lady of The Underworld

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Planet: Mars

Nergal and Eriskgigal rule the underworld. Erishkigal is the older sister of Inanna-Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven.

The story of Inanna and Eriskigal is interesting. 

Inanna who is the Queen and Mother of Heaven descends into the Underworld. The Descent of Inanna tales of Inanna descending from heaven downward through gates and being stripped of all her divine garments.

Erishkigal becomes enraged with Ianna and commands that she be tormented.

Ianna dies upon the cross of the underworld but is reborn 3 days later when Ea sends his two serpents to bring Ianna the water and food of life.

This is the very first time we have the death and rebirth of a God. and in this particular instance, a Goddess.

Nergal and Erishkigal represent the fiery aspect of Love that can transcend life and death.

NAME: Nabu & Teshmet

Title God of Divination and Knowledge

Planet: Mercury

Day of the Week: Wednesday

Son of Marduk

Every ancient pantheon had its Scribe or Messenger god. Ancient Babylon was no different.

Nabu, scribe among the Gods was the Son of Marduk. During the early days of the Babylonian empire, the Babylonians worked diligently to transfer the ancient Sumer lore into their new empire.

Nabu and his Priests became those who were tasked with this job. Like Thoth and Hermes, Nabu was the scribe and messenger god who relayed messages between the heavens and the earth. Divination, prayers, meditation, and ritual work are all assisted by the messenger gods.

NAME: Marduk & Sarpanit

Title: Lord and Lady of Babylon

Day of the Week: Thursday

Planet: Jupiter

Marduk, son of Ea, rose through the pantheon of the gods to become the Father of the Gods and Shrines.

Marduk’s rise to power is due to his role as the slayer of Ti.Am.Su or Tiamat in the epic story The Enuma Elish.

In the Enuma Elish, the elder chaos dragons gave birth to the Gods.

The gods become too noisy on earth and the chaos dragons devise a plan to kill them.

Tiamat, the mother of the gods, does not want to but eventually gives in.

Ea, hearing of this plan is greatly troubled and does not know what to do.

He goes to the counsel of the gods.

Marduk, son of Ea is chosen to be their champion.

Marduk dones the bow and arrow, club, and the net.

Marduk then proceeds to fight Tiamat’s army of fishermen, scorpions, and other ferocious creatures.

Marduk eventually defeats Tiamat and her consort Kingu whom he creates the Tigris and Euphrates river from Tiamat’s body.

And then he creates the first dragonlords or kings on earth. out of Kingu’s blood.

Not just regular kings and rulers. But those wise with the way of things above and below.

Marduk then goes on to order the planets and their rotations.

And creates stations or gateways for each of the gods.

NAME: Inanna-Ishtar & Dumuzi

Title: God and Goddess of Love and War

Day of Week: Friday

Planet: Venus

There is no goddess as loved or hated as the Goddess of Love. 

In ancient Sumer and Babylon, the symbol for Inanna-Ishtar is that of a woman with wings, carrying a bow and arrow and weapons of mass destruction.

It is believed that we can not have love without the protection of war. If that is true, then Inanna-Ishtar is that protector.

The Descent of Ianna is one of the oldest poems in the world.

It depicts the Queen and Mother of Heaven descending into the underworld. The land of the dead from where no one returns.

The story starts off as the following:

From the Great Above she opened her ear to the Great Below

From the Great Above the goddess opened her ear to the Great Below

From the Great Above Inanna opened her ear to the Great Below

The Venusian energy, while powerful, is not as blatant and apparent as its Martian counterpart. The energy of Venus, requires work, devotion, and dedication. And with faith and perseverance, the Venusian energy of the goddess will burst forth. Venusian energy is all about delayed gratification with the goal always in mind.

NAME: Ninurta & Ba`u

Title: Lord and Lady of the Heavenly Abode

Day of the Week: Saturday

Planet: Saturn

In ancient Sumer, Ninurta was the son of Enlil. Ninuarta was said to be the heir (or ruler) of the throne in heaven. First Anu, Enlil, and next Ninuarta.

But in Babylon, this was changed.

Ea’s son, Marduk was given this role instead. 

The ancients believed that each age was governed by a particular deity.

When an age was complete, like the zodiac, the next age of rulership would arrive.

An Age is approximately 2,160 years. 

Ninuarta and Saturn rule the darker edge of the spectrum. The energy current is dark and secretive. It allows one to tap into a different part of one’s mind, environment, and the universe.

Saturn is a great day to work on personal psychic work. It can allow you to really see and find answers to deep personal and emotional issues and questions.

Visions and premonitions are possible on this day as well.

It’s a great day for ancestral energy and worship.

NAME: Shamash & Utu

Title: Lord and Lady of the Sun

Planet: Sun

Day of the Week: Sunday

Shamas and Utu are the lord and lady of the sun. They are the God and Goddess of the self, truth, and honesty.

To the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians, the sun was the representative of heaven.

It was the watchful eye of the sky. The Sun’s purpose in heaven were the same. To decide and judge.

Modern-day time, days of the week, months of the year, and calendar years are based on early ancient Sumerian timekeeping.

The sun not only helps to divide the hours and years but also helps divide our four seasons.

The sun’s energy is best used to restore energy to oneself. To rejuvenate and generate our internal spark. Because when are centered in ourselves, we can begin to know ourselves better.

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Babylonian God’s and Goddesses

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